World Wind JAVA亮相JavaOne,Google Earth和Virtual Earth最大竞争对手

3sNews 讯,一直出于半秘密 开发 状态的World Wind JAVA 近日在JavaOne上亮相,news.com的报道称 开源 三维 地球 软件 Google Earth和Virtual Earth最大竞争对手。和.net版本不同,Java版本的 WorldWind 是一个提供SDK的版本,用户可以使用该SDK,创建独立运行的三维地球软件,也可以将该系统嵌入浏览器。


Video:Sun, nasa demo open-source 3d earth software

Sun, NASA demo open-source 3D earth software

Competing with Microsoft's Virtual Earth and Google Earth

官方wiki上对World Wind Java的描述:

NASA World Wind provides next-generation 3-D virtual globe technology for embedding in applications written in the Java programming language. It supplies a suite of Java technology-based components that developers include within their own applications, providing virtual globe functionality to any application that can benefit from it. This makes virtual globe technology available to far more people in far more domains. Because of the Java programming language's write once, run anywhere design, NASA World Wind components are available and identical on all platforms. The components perform as well as, or better than, any other known virtual-globe implementation and utilize the OpenGL® API for 3-D graphics via Java OpenGL (JOGL). This presentation introduces NASA World Wind and shows several ways of embedding it in programs written in the Java programming language. It describes how to deploy World Wind with Java Web Start software and as an applet. It also shows how to extend World Wind to visualize any 2-D or 3-D information in the context of an accurately modeled 3-D Earth with terrain.

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