Dragon Boat Festival

The festival, which commemorates the ancient Chinese poet Qu Yuan, is a time for family reunions, dragon boat races, and the consumption of traditional foods like zongzi.But this year, because of studying in other places, I only ate zongzi, which is the free salt-meat zongzi, jujube zongzi and bean paste zongzi in the school's second canteen. I think the salted meat zongzi and the date zongzi are very good, but the bean paste Zongzi is very bad, there is no bean paste taste.
Because my parents and I are not how to wrap zongzi, so in previous years, the Dragon Boat Festival, we are directly buy Dan Xiang zongzi to eat. Danxiang is a brand of bakery in Qingdao, and their zongzi are especially delicious.In addition, every year around the Dragon Boat Festival, my sister and I will also wear colorful rope, I heard that his five colors represent the five elements of China, meaning good luck, beauty and happiness.
This year is I a person in the field of the first Dragon Boat Festival, there is nothing special, sleep to wake up naturally in the morning, and then go out with friends to eat some delicious food, evening to Ganjiang for a walk, with the family to call the Dragon Boat Festival Ankang, a day has passed, the holiday fleeting.
I sometimes envy those close to home students, holidays can go back home.Shandong is so far away, I have to go home on winter and summer vacation.
About the meaning of the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival has a deep historical background. He is not only people get together to eat zongzi so simple, but also to promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture. The Dragon Boat Festival as a festival of Chinese people all over the world, through the commemoration of Qu Yuan and other activities can cultivate people's value identification of Chinese culture, enhance people's sense of ancestor worship, family consciousness, family concept and patriotic spirit, so as to form the centripetal force of the Chinese nation. These meanings together constitute the rich cultural connotation and spiritual value of the Dragon Boat Festival.

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