Delivery costs in MM


Delivery costs are costs that are invoiced for a delivery over and above the value of the delivery itself. This includes freight charges, customs duty, or other costs.

Delivery costs分两种情况:

  • Planned delivery costs 计划费用,为开立PO时知道要花费的费用,如Freight 运费;

Customs 报关费用等。已知费用

  • Unplanned delivery costs 非计划费用,为开立PO时不知道要花费的费用。未知费用

1. Planned delivery costs

Planned delivery costs are agreed upon with the vendor, a carrier, or a customs office before the purchase order is created. You enter them in the purchase order.

Planned delivery costs can be differentiated as follows:

  • Origin of Costs
    • Freight charges
    • Customs charges
  • Calculation of Costs
    • Fixed amount, irrespective of delivered quantity
    • Quantity-dependent amount
    • Percentage of value of the goods

2. Unplanned delivery costs

Unplanned delivery costs were not agreed on in the purchase order and are not entered until the invoice is received.

You can enter the unplanned delivery costs in the invoice document alongside the costs incurred. You can post unplanned delivery costs as follows:

● Distribute them proportionally to calculated invoice items

● Distribute them proportionally to calculated invoice items, inclusive of planned delivery costs

● Post them to separate G/L accounts

You can use the Business Add-In MRM_UDC_DISTRIBUTE to define your own rules for distributing unplanned delivery costs. For more information, see the documentation for the Business Add-In.


The Process

1. Planned delivery

购买料件后为了把买来的料件送入仓库这个过程中产生的费用为 Delivery costs 收料费用,可以按照购买料件的种类把这部分费用分摊,计划费用在做GR时会抛入不同的G/L account, 而非计划费用则是在做IR时手动加入,按照设置的不同放入stock account, G/L account。



1.1. 通过Price Condition 实现

Purchasing--> Conditions -->Define Price Determination Process -->Define Condition Types

1.2. 对于运费如果要放特别的科目需要在Condition Schema里面关联,Accruals,然后在OMWB里设置科目


1.3. 做IR的时候是否要显示Planned delivery条目,需要在下图选项中选择下。


2. Unplanned delivery costs

只在IR的时候才发现供货商有额外的运费发生,输入在发票里。GR中只会按照正常的计入GR/IR Clearing acct.。在IR时将额外的运费直接计入stock account中(moving price)或是Standard price就会抛到small diff. account里---根据配置



2.1 在IR时在details tab中输入Unplanned delivery costs


2.2 可以通过系统配置,来指定unplanned delivery cost在IR时,是自动分配到各个明细项中还是计入一个特定科目。此处我们自动分配到明细项中。

Configure How Unplanned Delivery Costs Are Posted --- Prerequisite

设置Unplanned posting方式

IMG:MM-->LIV-->incoming invoice-->Configure How Unplanned Delivery Costs Are Posted

设置Unplanned费用要计在那个地方,如果是SPACE则会将运费分配到各明细项,如果是2则抛入固定的科目UPF/Unplanned delivery costs


2.3 科目设置



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