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JustWeEngine - Android FrameWork

An easy open source Android Native Game FrameWork.


Android Arsenal

Game core graph

How To Import?

  • Import Engine as Library to use;

  • OR Import *.jar in "/jar";

  • OR use Gradle to build:

    • Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file
      Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:
      	allprojects {
      		repositories {
      			maven { url "" }
    • Step 2. Add the dependency on
        dependencies {
              compile 'com.github.lfkdsk:JustWeEngine:v1.03'
  • OR use Maven to build:

    • Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file
    • Step 2. Add the dependency

Engine come to V1.03

PlaneGame Demo:Demo
Web Demo:JustWe-WebServer

Quick Start

Advanced Application

Extend Method

1.Basic Function

1.1Extend Engine Class:

This FrameWork's all screen use SurfaceView to draw, never use other Android views like Button or Layout, so you should new a class extent Engine class,
It will control game's flow path.I had note the function in the code.

	public class Game extends Engine {
	// Please init your var in constructor.
    public Game() {
    	// If open debug mode. If you open debug mode, you can print log, frame number, and parse on screen.
	// load some UI parameters. And set screen direction, default background color, set screen's scan method.
    public void init() {
    	// init UI default par, you must use at here . Some var in UIdefaultData for more phones should be init.

	// load sprite , background , picture and other BaseSub
    public void load() {


	// draw and update in a new Thread
	// update message and sprite's msg
    public void draw() {


    public void update() {

	// receive touch event , its function depend on screen's scan mode.
    public void touch(MotionEvent event) {

	// receive collision event , BaseSub is the father class of all the sprites and others.
	// use to solve collision event default use rect collision.
    public void collision(BaseSub baseSub) {


1.2Draw Text:

Use GamePrinter to draw text, in addition to some other methods to draw.

    public void draw() {
        Canvas canvas = getCanvas();
        GameTextPrinter printer = new GameTextPrinter(canvas);
        printer.drawText("Hello", 100, 100);


1.3Draw Picture:

Please put your pic in asset.

	GameTexture texture = new GameTexture(this);
	texture.draw(canvas, 100, 100);


And you can use loadFromAssetStripFrame to get a pic from a large picture.

     * get bitmap from a big bitmap
     * @param filename
     * @param x
     * @param y
     * @param width
     * @param height
     * @return
    public boolean loadFromAssetStripFrame(String filename,
                                           int x, int y,
                                           int width, int height)

Such as you can get a plane with this four par.

PicUtils have many functions to compress and solve Bitmap.

1.4Use Sprite:

If you want add a sprite , you can use BaseSprite or extend it , BaseSprite have lots of functions for animation, many of them should be used with animation system, I will introduce it later.

New a Sprite:

1.Simple init:

        sprite = new BaseSprite(this);

2.Init with Frame Animation:
Init with Frame Animation need pic like this:

      GameTexture texture = new GameTexture(this);
      // w,h,lines
      sprite = new BaseSprite(this, 96, 96, 8);
      sprite.setPosition(100, 100);
      sprite.setDipScale(100, 100);
      // use FrameAnimation is important
      sprite.addAnimation(new FrameAnimation(0, 63, 1));


3.Init with Frame Animation(Pics from an large Bitmap):

  	// new an large Picture
      GameTexture texture = new GameTexture(this);
      // Init width,height,and mode.
		ship = new BaseSprite(this, 100, 124, FrameType.COMMON);
		// set large pic
      // get two frame in pic
      ship.addRectFrame(0, 100, 100, 124);
      ship.addRectFrame(167, 361, 100, 124);
      ship.addAnimation(new FrameAnimation(0, 1, 1));

picture(two frames change quickly):

4.Some other important settings:

	  // set bitmap
	  // get Frame from bitmap
	  ship.addRectFrame(0, 100, 100, 124);
	  // set position
	  ship.setPosition(x, y);
	  // set w,h with dp(Can scale)
    ship.setDipScale(96, 96);
    // set position with dp(Can scale)
    ship.setDipPosition(x, y);
    // set alpha transparency value
    // add Sprite to Group. Only use this Function your sprite can draw automatically.

1.5Use Button:

If you want to use Button, you can extent the BaseButton, and also you can straightly use TextureButton and TextButton.
Button's API is like Android's, you can set onClick with this interface:

		button.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick() {
            Log.e("button", "onClick");


    TextureButton button;
    // Init and set Button's Name.
    button = new TextureButton(this, "logo");
    texture = new GameTexture(this);
    // Add pic
    // button's interface
    button.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick() {
            Log.e("button", "onClick");
    button.setPosition(200, 300);
    button.setDipScale(100, 150);
    // add to button group to draw and update


Combined with PicUtil in a variety of Bitmap processing methods can be easy to make a variety of styles of Button:


    TextButton button;  
    button = new TextButton(this, "logo");
    // other functions in code.


2.Animation System

Now Animation System, you can use Some Animations extent BaseAnimation, and you can also extent BaseAnim by yourself.

2.1Animation Bind on BaseSub

AnimType save the type of Animations.

Animation method function
AliveAnimation adjustAlive(boolean ori) If sprite is alive
AlphaAnimation adjustAlpha(int ori) change sub's alpha
CircleMoveAnimation adjustPosition(Float2 ori) circle run with a point
FenceAnimation adjustPosition(Float2 ori) limit Sub in screen
FrameAnimation adjustFrame(int ori) Frame Animation
MoveAnimation adjustPosition(Float2 ori) Move
SpinAnimation adjustRotation(float ori) Spin
ThrobAnimation adjustScale(Float2 ori) Throb
VelocityAnimation adjustPosition/adjustAlive Velocity for one direction
WrapMoveAnimation adjustPosition(Float2 ori) move to another corner of screen
ZoomAnimation adjustScale(Float2 ori) zoom Sprite
more ... ...

ListAnimation:Animation can loop work automatically;
FixedAnimation:Animation can work by call its name.
Such as Frame Animation is a ListAnimation.And follow the plane coming in is a FixAnimation.

                new MoveAnimation(UIdefaultData.centerInHorizontalX -   ship.getWidthWithScale() / 2,
                        UIdefaultData.screenHeight - 2 * ship.getHeightWidthScale(), new Float2(10, 10)));


2.2Animation Bind on Button

BaseButtonAnimation is Animation for button ,which extent BaseAnim.

Animation method function
ZoomCenterButtonAnim adjustButtonRect(Rect ori,boolean touchType) click zoom
ColorAnimation adjustButtonBackGround(int ori,boolean type) TextButton click change color
more ... ...

set ZoomCenterButtonAnim for BUtton:

	// set zoom in center
    // three par, The initial value / value / amplification frames
    button.setAnimation(new ZoomCenterButtonAnim(10, 30, 3));


set ColorAnimation for Button:

	// init color / click color
       new ColorAnimation(UIdefaultData.colorAccent,


3.Object collision detection and death decision:

Use ID and Name,we can make Sprites in different groups and have their own name,Engine core class will check different group.

	final int SHIP = 0;

If you use addToSpriteGroup(sprite) for a sprite, it will find collision automatically, and callback event at here.

    public void collision(BaseSub baseSub) {
    	// get Sub collide with It.
        BaseSprite other = (BaseSprite) baseSub.getOffender();
        // get Group Name
        if (baseSub.getIdentifier() == BULLET &&
                other.getIdentifier() == ENEMY) {
            // set dead
            // recycle or auto

You can use getOffender() get Sub collide with It,and use getIdentifier() get Group, then solve them.
If you open Debug mode , you can see the collided line.

4.Type of screen scan

It's used to give priority to the response of the screen, click, Button, and multi touch, and placed in different situations can optimize the screen refresh.

  	// find single touch
  	// find click button
    // find more than one touch
    // find single touch and click button

set It like this:



  • NetUtils NetTools
  • PicUtils Picture Tools
  • ServiceUtils Service Tools
  • ImageHelper Image Tools
  • DisplayUtils Date canvert Tools
  • SpUtils simple Sp(Can save list and map
  • ValidatorsUtils Validators Tools

6.Music System

6.1Play short Sound

Play short Sound,Init SoundManager to load Sound .

	// Context and size of Manager
    SoundManager manager = new SoundManager(this, 5);
    // get Sound from assets , and url will be save too.
	// play with name"mic/open.mid");

You can play a sound like this, but please use short sound. If you want to play background music, please read following.

	public void removeSound(String musicName) // remove
	public void play(String musicName, float volume) // play with volume
	public boolean containSoundID(int soundID) // find if exist
	public int getSoundID(String soundName)  // get music ID

6.2Play Music

Play Music fix play music such as background music.

	// context and url
	MusicPlayer player = new MusicPlayer(this, "mic/open.mp3");;

some other methods.

	public void dispose() // clear
	public void setLooping(boolean isLooping) // is loop?
	public void setVolume(float volume) // set volume

6.3Compose with short sound

Set some sounds in SoundManager and play quickly to compose.

    SoundManager manager = new SoundManager(this, 5);
    SoundPlayer player = new SoundPlayer(manager, 500, 16);

use; to play.

7.Use Internet

You can use Internet like this Demo.JustWe-WebServer.
use like:

        server.apply("/lfk", new OnWebStringResult() {
            public String OnResult() {
                return "=======";

        server.apply("/main", new OnWebFileResult() {
            public File returnFile() {
                return new File(WebServerDefault.WebServerFiles+"/"+"welcome.html");

You can bind router like this way, if you want to send msg, you can straightly use HTTP Get/Post.

8.Use State Machine Sprite

    // add a new state to sprite
    sprite.addState(new StateFinder() {
        public boolean isContent(BaseSub baseSub) {
            return Math.abs(zom.s_position.x - baseSub.s_position.x) > 50;
    }, new FrameAnimation(0, 63, 1));

You can add a task to the state machine wizard by the addState method above, and only when the return value of the first parameter interface callback is true,
Will run second parameters to provide the instruction, if the return is false will run the second state of the judgment.
The priority of the state is provided by the join order.



CrashHandler is used to deal with the unexpected crash event of the game, and the initialization is recommended in Application.
CrashHandler can automatically save models and abnormal log in order to allow developers to find the problem.


You can use it like this.

    CrashHandler.getInstance().setRestartActivity(MainActivity.class); // restartActivity
    CrashHandler.getInstance().setAfterCrashListener(new AfterCrashListener() {
        public void AfterCrash() {  // set what to save

10.Use BlueTooth

10.1Open/Close Server

BlueTooth Use requires a new BlueToothServer object, the incoming context and the MessageBack interface.

        blueToothServer = new BlueToothServer(this, new OnMessageBack() {
            public void getMessage(String msg) {
                Log.e("L", msg);

            public void sendMessage(String msg) {
                Log.e("L", msg);

            public void getDevice(ArrayList<String> msg) {
                Log.e("L", msg.size() + "");
		// init like this

After the service is initialized, such as not to open the Bluetooth, the system will automatically prompt application of Bluetooth enabled.
Through the MessageBack interface can be received to send, receive, and Devices Scan information, to take the corresponding operation can get data.
When closing the service, please use blueToothServer.unBindService (); off service.

10.2Scan Devices

Using blueToothServer.doDiscovery (); device scan, return the results in the OnMessageBack () interface
GetDevice () method to receive.
Use blueToothServer.ensureDiscoverable (); allow to be scanned. Use blueToothServer.getPairedDevices (); return a list of paired devices.

10.3Send Message

In the match after the success can be used blueToothServer.sendMessage (String MSG); Send Message.
At the same time, the message received from the getMessage (Interface) can also be obtained.

Draw by yourselves

Can accept the user's drawing input, and to generate the wizard, background, or other objects:How To Use?


Please send your feedback as long as there occurs any inconvenience or problem. You can contact me with:


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you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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