Free address book using the procedure developed by Lazarus

   To Download:

1. using the Sqlite store data;

  2. Support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English three languages​​;

  3. support the list shows, support to add, delete, right-click pop-up list to delete, change, check; hfAE? yPE,?
4. Support importing csv, export csv file; import file format to export csv files can fill in;

      Contact the system into the same name as the default if there is to add a new record;

     Encoding exported file system based on user language encoding decisions;

5. support the dynamic selection of countries or companies and added;

6. support the department or group of dynamic selection and add;

7. support the phonetic code or short code quick search contacts. For example: the Monkey King of the alphabet code, SWK. may enter the code in the alphabet Jane S, Sun will contact all the names are listed;


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