JQuery easyUI DataGrid 创建复杂列表头(译)

» Create column groups in DataGrid

The easyui DataGrid has ability to group columns, as the following example shows:


In this example, we use flat data to populate the DataGrid data, and group the listprice,unitcost,addr1,status columns under a single column.

To create column groups you should defines the columns property of datagrid plugin. Each element of columns is a definition of group which can use rowspan or colspan property to combine cells together.

The following code implements above example:

 1 <table id="tt" title="Column Group" class="easyui-datagrid" style="width:550px;height:250px"  
 2         url="data/datagrid_data.json"  
 3         singleSelect="true" iconCls="icon-save" rownumbers="true">  
 4     <thead>  
 5         <tr>  
 6             <th rowspan="2" field="itemid" width="80">Item ID</th>  
 7             <th rowspan="2" field="productid" width="80">Product ID</th>  
 8             <th colspan="4">Item Details</th>  
 9         </tr>  
10         <tr>  
11             <th field="listprice" width="80" align="right">List Price</th>  
12             <th field="unitcost" width="80" align="right">Unit Cost</th>  
13             <th field="attr1" width="100">Attribute</th>  
14             <th field="status" width="60" align="center">Stauts</th>  
15         </tr>  
16     </thead>  
17 </table> 


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