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full print all tags (the default)

value print the value of the tags

list print the devices in a user-friendly format; this output format is unsupported for low-level probing (-p or -i).This output format is DEPRECATED in favour of the lsblk(8) command.

device print the device name only; this output format is always enabled for the -L and -U options

udev print key="value" pairs for easy import into the udev environment; the keys are prefixed by ID_FS_ or ID_PART_ prefixes.The udev output returns the ID_FS_AMBIVALENT tag if more superblocks are detected, and ID_PART_ENTRY_* tags are always returned for all partitions including empty partitions. This output format is DEPRECATED.

export print key=value pairs for easy import into the environment; this output format is automatically enabled when I/O Limits (-i option) are


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