SuperSocket 1.5 文档列表

 SuperSocket Layers


SuperSocket Objects Model


SuperSocket Request Handling Model

  • A Telnet Example
  • Implement your AppServer and AppSession
  • Start SuperSocket by Configuration
  • SuperSocket Basic Configuration
  • Built-in command line protocol
  • Implement your own communication protocol with IRequestInfo, IReceiveFilter and etc
  • The Built-in Common Format Protocol Implementation Tools
  • Get the connected event and closed event of a connection
  • Push data to clients from server initiative
  • Extend Server Configuration
  • Command Filter
  • Connection Filter
  • Multiple Listeners
  • Multiple Server Instances
  • Implement Your Commands by Dynamic Language
  • Logging in SuperSocket
  • The Built in Flash Silverlight Policy Server in SuperSocket
  • Enable TLS/SSL trasnferring layer encryption in SuperSocket
  • Run SuperSocket in Windows Azure
  • Run SuperSocket in Linux/Unix
  • Upgrade from SuperSocket 1.4



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