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1. Congratulations!

2. I enjoy reading.

3. Would you like to join us?

1.1 词类

4. The coach shouted loudly, "Hey, run to the goal!", but the players couldn't hear his voice. And they lost the final match.

1.2 片语及子句

5. I often stop at a convenience store on my way home.

6. The book on the desk is mine.

7. I put my books on the desk.

8. I don't know what to do.

9. Jane went out, but Mike stayed home.

10. I know that you are doing your best.

11. These are pictures which I took in Kenting.

12. Jane put her coat on a hanger before she sat down.

1.3 句子的要素

13. We laughed.

14. The tall boy looks tired.

15. All the students in the school must wear uniforms.

16. The telephone rang early in the morning.

17. He is a famous musician.

18. To read novels is pleasant.

19. Learning a foreign language is important.

20. Who to bell the cat is a big problem.

21. That he is honest is true.

22. The rich are not always happy.

23. The wounded numbered ten.

24. I saw a girl on the street.

25. I have given up smoking.

26. I love chocolate.

27. The car won't start.

28. The sky is blue.

29. She cooks dinner after school.

30. I have met him at the meeting.

31. He began to sing.

32. He enjoyed playing tennis.

33. He knew who to ask.

34. I believed what he said.

35. The ambulances sent the injured to the hospital.

36. His latest novel is interesting.

37. I found his latest novel interesting.

38. The blue sweater is mine.

39. One of my hobbies is making artificial flowers.

40. The cat is under the table.

41. A little girl was carrying a basket full of apples.

42. Please give me something interesting to read.

43. He usually jogs in the park for an hour before breakfast.

44. Very strange men walked quite fast down the stairs.

1.4 句子的种类(由内容分)

45. My sister is a TV director.

46. My sister is not a TV director.

47. We have school even on Saturdays.

48. We do not have school on Saturdays.

49. Do you know her address? Yes, I do.

50. Are you going shopping with me? No, I am not.

51. Can you do me a favor? Sure.

52. Doesn't he speak English? Yes, he does.

53. Where are you from? I am from Sydney, Australia.

54. When did you hear the news? The day before yesterday.

55. How long will you be here? For two weeks.

56. What is your favorite subject? History.

57. Who left the window open? I did.

58. Is Mr. Brown a pianist or a cellist? A pianist.

59. Would you like coffee or tea? Coffee, please.

60. Who runs faster, Tom or John? Tom does.

61. It is very hot today, isn't it? Yes, it is.

62. Jack didn't solve the problem, did he?

63. Who knows?
=> No one knows.

64. Isn't it funny?
=> It is very funny.

65. Do you know what time it is? Yes, I do.

66. What time do you know it is? It is twelve o'clock.

67. Wait a minute, please.

68. Don't worry about such a thing.

69. Have a drink.

70. How beautiful!

71. What a beautiful girl!
=> How beautiful a girl!

72. What a shame!

73. How hard it rains!
=> How it rains!

1.5 句子的种类(由结构分)

74. I have a sufficient income to support you.

75. Happy memories came and went in my mind.

76. Jason and Jack rushed into the classroom.

77. I missed the last train, so I took a taxi home.

78. The driver tried to control the car, but it crashed into a tree.

79. Who did it is still a mystery.

80. He is the man who saved my son from drowning.

81. I want to finish the work before it gets dark.
=> Before it gets dark, I want to finish the work.

82. She knew what she wanted, but she never told anyone.

83. I know the girl who is talking to Mr. Green but my brother doesn't know who she is.



2.1 词类


article { definite article、indefinite article }

adv. {
	He studies hard everyday.	//副词hard修饰动词study
	She is very cute.			//副词very修饰形容词cute
	I study very hard.			//副词very修饰副词hard

pron. {
	人称代名词,主格、所有格、受格。 //he,his,him.


aux. {
	He studies.
	He doesn't study.
	Does he study?

	I love you.
	I do love you. //这里的“do”加强了一般动词的语气。

2.2 片语及子句


	名词片语:I don't know what to do.			「what to do」只有名词可以当受词。
	形容词片语:The book on the desk is mine.		「on the desk」桌子上的书
	副词片语:I put my books on the desk.			「on the desk」放在桌上上


2.3 句子的要素

句子由 主部 和 述部 组成。

我是___. 【补】
我爱___. 【受】

1)主词		—— 名词或名词相等语。
2)动词		—— 由结构分【一个字动词、复合动词】;由用法分【受词的有无:及物动词、不及物动词;补语的有无:不完全动词、完全动词】。
3)受词		—— 名词或名词相等语。
4)补语		—— 名词、形容词、副词及其想等语。
5)修饰语		—— 【修饰名词】;【修饰动词、形容词、副词】。

2.4 句子的种类(由内容分)

1)Yes/No 问句;


疑问代名词:Who、What、Which	(下面3个句型可用)
疑问副词:When、How、Where	(下面2个句型可用,前两种)

1)疑问词 + beV + S?
2)疑问词 + 助动词 + S + VR?
3)疑问词 + 动词 ...?

2.5 句子的种类(由结构分)




  1. 恭喜!

  2. 我喜欢阅读。

  3. 你要加入我们吗?

3.1 词类

  1. 教练大声的喊道:“喂,快跑到球门去!”,但球员们并没有听到他的声音。而他们还是输了最后一场比赛。

3.2 片语及子句

  1. 在我回家的途中我通常会顺便去便利商店。

  2. 书桌上的书是我的。

  3. 我把书放在书桌上。

  4. 我不知道该怎么办。

  5. Jane出去了,但Mike在家。

  6. 我知道你会尽力而为。

  7. 这些是我在垦丁拍的照片。

  8. Jane坐下前把她的外套挂在衣架上。

3.3 句子的要素

  1. 我们笑了。

  2. 那个高个子男孩看起来很累。

  3. 学校里所有的学生都必须穿校服。

  4. 一大早电话就响了。

  5. 他是有名的音乐家。

  6. 阅读小说是愉快的。

  7. 学习外文是重要的。

  8. 由谁担任这危险的任务是一个大问题。

  9. 他很诚实是真的。

  10. 富人并非总是快乐的。

  11. 负伤者有十人。

  12. 我在街上看见一位女孩。

  13. 我已戒烟了。

  14. 我喜爱巧克力。

  15. 车子发不动。

  16. 天空很蓝。

  17. 她放学后要煮晚饭。

  18. 我在会议上遇到他。

  19. 他开始唱歌。

  20. 他喜欢打网球。

  21. 他知道该问谁。

  22. 我相信他所说的。

  23. 救护车将伤者送到医院。

  24. 他最新的小说很有趣。

  25. 我发现他最新的小说很有趣。

  26. 那蓝色的毛衣是我的。

  27. 做人造花是我的兴趣之一。

  28. 那只猫在桌子底下。

  29. 一个小女孩正提着一个装满苹果的篮子。

  30. 请给我有趣的东西读。

  31. 他通常在早餐前在公园慢跑一小时。

  32. 那些很奇怪的人相当快地走下楼去。

3.4 句子的种类(由内容分)

  1. 我姐姐是位电视导演。

  2. 我姐姐不是电视导演。

  3. 我们甚至于在星期六都要上学。

  4. 我们星期六不用上学。

  5. 你知道她的住址吗?是的,我知道。

  6. 你要和我一起去逛街吗?不,我不去。

  7. 你能帮我一个忙吗?好的。

  8. 他不说英语吗?他说英语。

  9. 你来自哪里?我来自澳洲悉尼。

  10. 你何时听的这谣言?前天。

  11. 你会在这待多久?两周。

  12. 你最爱的科目是什么?历史。

  13. 谁让窗户开着?是我。

  14. 布朗先生是钢琴家或大提琴家呢?钢琴家。

  15. 你要咖啡或茶?咖啡。

  16. 谁跑的较快呢?Tom或John?是Tom。

  17. 天气很热,不是吗?是的。

  18. Jack没解决这难题,是吗?

  19. 谁知道?

  20. 这不是很好笑吗?

  21. 你知不知道现在几点?是,我知道。

  22. 你知道现在几点吗?现在十二点。

  23. 请等一下。

  24. 别担心这样的事。

  25. 喝一杯吧。

  26. 好美啊!

  27. 好美的一个女孩!

  28. 好丢脸啊!

  29. 好大的雨啊!

3.5 句子的种类(由结构分)

  1. 我有足够的收入可以养你。

  2. 快乐的回忆在我脑海中流过。

  3. Jason和Jack冲进教室。

  4. 我错过末班火车所以搭计程车回家。

  5. 驾驶员试着要控制住那辆车,但它还是撞上树干。

  6. 谁做了这件事仍是个谜。

  7. 他就是从水中救起我儿子的那个人。

  8. 我想在天黑前完成这工作。

  9. 她知道自己要什么,但她从不告诉别人。

  10. 我认识那位正和Green先生聊天的女孩,但我哥哥不知道她是谁。