How to view assertions in the Verdi waveform viewer

In the Cadence Simvision waveform viewer, I can see every assertions listed as a hierarchical signal, and also can browse assertions and view their counts (failed, active, finished) as regular waveforms.
Now in the Verdi, I cannot do like that. 
Does anyone know how to make assertions viewable just like regular nets/signals in Verdi?
Thanks in advance.

If my knowledge is not out, I believe Verdi can support same feature as simvision except on the fly waveform review.
You can see it because you may not dump assertion in fsdb or not enable specific option.
Try to review the Verdi user guide, I believe you can find what's missing and how to do.

Hi Roman, thank you very much. 
As you say, Verdi can support the same feature as Simvision.
Following Verdi user guide, the solution is that, we need to do evaluate assertions in Tools -> Property Tools -> Evaluator, then select the available properties we want to view and evaluate them.

Hi Jiarui,  another choice is use DVE to view assertion waveform.

Got it, it works.
Double-click an assertion of interest in the Assertion tab.
Then the Wave Window appears waveform data related to the selected assertion.
Thanks Andy.

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