My interested stuff(2008-07-10)

.NET / Visual Studio
  1. Code Generation in Visual Studio Using T4 Templates - Screencast and Sample (David Hayden)
  2. An Amazing Introduction to NDepend (Patrick Smacchia)
  3. Jump between braces in Visual Studio. (使用 ctrl + ] 组合键 在代码段{...}之间跳转)
  4. ASPX Edit Helper Add-In For Visual Studio

    Version 0.01 Binary
    Version 0.01 Source Code


SQL Server
  1. David hayden -   SQL Server Management Objects ( SMO )
  2. Did You Know the History of SQL Server? (Kalen Delaney)
  3. Insert Null value into DateTime column in SQL server from ASPX application
  4.  [SQL] Create a Job to Backup and FTP Your Database (创建作业:备份数据库并用FTP上传)




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