The Dragon Boat Festival, a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan, falls on May fifth of lunar calendar. We always make zongzi, eat it and have a dragon-boat festival. While we don’t just eat zongzi on that but at that time. However, I didn’t spend this Dragon Boat Festival at home but at school since I have a lesson on Sunday afternoon. Thus my parents made preparation for the festival at the day I came back home. Simultaneously, we don’t have the tradition to have a dragon-boat race. Hence it seems much more mediocre than before, just like having a feast to celebrate my return home. Anyway, here is one of the few activities related to the Dragon Boat Festival.
My mother was busy preparing the ingredients. The glutinous rice was soaked and ready, the preserved pork and potassium carbonate were neatly arranged. The kitchen was a hive of activity, and everyone was involved in the process.
I washed my hands and joined the team. My mother showed me how to fold the bamboo leaves into a cone shape, then fill it with the glutinous rice, add a preserved pork, and top it off with another layer of rice. The trick is to pack it tightly so that the zongzi holds its shape when cooked.
Once the zongzi is filled, I wrap the bamboo leaves around it, securing the ends with string. It's a bit tricky at first, but with practice, I get better at it. Soon, the table is filled with neatly wrapped zongzi, each one a work of art in its own way.
As the zongzi boil in the pot, the aroma fills the house, making our mouths salivated. Finally, when they are cooked to perfection, we gather around the table and enjoy the fruits of our labor. The taste of the zongzi is even more satisfying when made with our own hands.
The Dragon Boat Festival is a time for family reunion. Making zongzi together not only connect uo closer, but it teaches us the value of hard work and the joy of sharing.