Book Two
The Ancient Masters
Thus spake the master programmer:
“After three days without programming,life becomes meaningless.”
The programmers of old were mysterious and profound. We cannot fathom their thoughts,so all we can do is describe their appearance.

Aware,like a fox crossing the wather.
Alert,like a general on the battlefield. a hostess greeting her guests.
Simple,like uncarved blocks of wood.
Opaque,like black pools in darkened caves.
Who can tell the secrets of their hearts and minds?
The answer exists only in Tao.

Ancient:[adj. 远古的,年老的,旧的 n. 老人,年高德劭者,古代人]
Profound:[n. 深渊,深处,深海 adj,极深的,深厚的,深奥的]
Fathom:[n. 深度单位,寻 v. 测量深度,彻底了解,看穿]
Aware:[adj. 知道的,注意到的]
Carve:[v. 刻,雕刻,切,开创]
Opaque:[n. 不透明物 adj.不透明的,不传热的]
Cave:[n. 洞穴,窑洞 v.挖洞,塌落]

Grand Master Turing once dreamed that he was a machine.
When he awoke he exclaimed:
“I don’t know whether I am Turing dreaming that I am a machine,or a machine dreaming that I am Turing!”


A programmer from a very large computer company went to a software conference and then returned to report to his manager,saying:”What sort of programmers work for other computer companies?They behaved badly and were unconcerned with appearances.Their hair was long and unkempt and their clothes were wrinkled and old.They crashed our hospitality suite and they made rude noises during my presentation.
The manager said:”I should never have sent you to the conference.”Those programmers live beyond the physical world.They consider life absurd,an accidental coincidence.They come and go without knowing limitations.Without a bother with social conventions?
They are alive within the Tao.

Sort of:[哪种,有几分,有那么点]
Unconcern: [adj. 不经心,冷淡,不关心]
Appearance:[adj. 外表,出现,出台]
Unkempt:[adj. 蓬乱的,不整洁的,粗野的]
Wrinkle:[adj. 有皱纹的 n. 皱纹,缺点 v.  使起皱纹,起皱]
Crash:[n.相撞,撞击声 v.碰装,撞入 adj.应急的,速成的]
Hospitality:[n. 款待,亲切]
Suite:[n. 随员,随从,组,套,一套家具]
Absurd:[adj. 不合理的,荒谬的,可笑的]
Convention:[n. 大会,习俗,约定]

A novice asked the master:”Here is a programmer who never designs ,documents,or tests his programs,Yet all who know him consider him the one of the best programmer in the world.Why is this?”
The master replied:”That Programmer has mastered the Tao.He has gone beyond the need for design;he does not become angry when the system crashes,but accepts the universe without concern.He has gone beyond the need for documentation;he no longer cares if anyone sees his code.He has gone beyond the need for testing;each of his programs are prefect within themselves,serene and elegant,their purpose self-evident.”
“Truly,he has entered the mystery of Tao.”

Novice:[n.  新手, 初学者]
Universe:[n.  宇宙, 思想等范围, 星系]
Concern:[n.  关心, 忧虑v.  涉及; 关系到]
Serene:[adj.  宁静的, 安详的, 沉著的]
Elegant:[adj.  文雅的; 雅致的; 端庄的]
Evident:[adj.  显然的, 明显的]

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