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JMeter 2.3.2 发布,前景看好

Posted on 2008-06-22 04:25 Jackei 阅读(...) 评论(...) 编辑 收藏


好久没有关注opensource的东西了,集中看了一下自己关心的几个项目目前的发展情况:dotProject,Mantis,JMeter,Watir,Selenium,Ruby WIN32 API Project,Tomcat,git,lighty。

JMeter 2.3.2 版本的 improvement 很值得关注。总的来说,很看好JMeter后续的发展,虽然目前很少有机会在工作中具体使用JMeter,还是很建议广大同行都花些时间了解一下。特别对于很多一般性的应用,JMeter都可以应付的了的。


The Proxy server can now record binary requests. By default the content types application/x-amf and application/x-java-serialized-object will be treated as binary and saved in a file. To change the content types, update the property proxy.binary.types .

The CSV Dataset configuration element has new file sharing options: per thread group, per thread, per identifier. This allows for more flexible file processing, e.g. each thread can process the same data in the same order.

Switch Controller now works properly with functions and variables, and the condition can now be a name instead of a number. Simple Controller now works properly under a While Controller

CSV fields in JTL files can now contain delimiters. CSV and XML files can now contain additional variables (define the JMeter property sample_variables ).

Response Assertion can now match on substrings (i.e. not regular expression). Regex extractor can operate on variables.

XPath processing is improved; Tidy errors are handled better.

Save Table Data buttons added to Summary and Aggregate reports to allow easy saving of the calculated data.

HTTP samplers can now save just the MD5 hash of responses, rather than the entire response. As a special case, if the HTTP Sampler path starts with "http://" or "https://" then this is used as the full URL, overriding the host and port fields. The HTTP Samplers can now POST multiple files. Webservice(SOAP) Sampler can now load local WSDL files using the "file:" protocol.

A simple HTTP Cache Manager has been added. This needs further development.

View Results Tree Listener now uses Tidy to display XML. This should allow more content to be displayed succesfully. It also avoids the need to download remote DTD files, which can slow the rendering considerably.

MailReader sampler now supports POP3S and IMAPS protocols. Individual mails are now added as sub-samples.

Various improvements to the BSF Sampler: now supports Jexl, and Javascript bug works properly. Added BSF PreProcessor, PostProcessor and Assertion test elements. All now have access to "props" JMeter Properties object.

Number of classes loaded in non-GUI mode is much reduced.