#cd /usr/local/src
#tar -zxvf mpg123-0.59r.tar.gz
#cd mpg123-0.59r
You must specify the system which you want to compile for:

make linux-help Linux, more help
make freebsd-help FreeBSD more help
make solaris Solaris 2.x (tested: 2.5 and 2.5.1) using SparcWorks cc
make solaris-gcc Solaris 2.x using GNU cc (somewhat slower)
make solaris-gcc-esd Solaris 2.x using gnu cc and Esound as audio output
make solaris-x86-gcc-oss Solaris with (commercial) OSS
make solaris-gcc-nas Solaris with gcc and NAS
make sunos SunOS 4.x (tested: 4.1.4)
make hpux HP/UX 9/10, /7xx
make hpux-gcc HP/UX 9/10, /7xx using GCC cc
make hpux-alib HP/UX with ALIB audio
make sgi SGI running IRIX
make sgi-gcc SGI running IRIX using GCC cc
make dec DEC Unix (tested: 3.2 and 4.0), OSF/1
make ultrix DEC Ultrix (tested: 4.4)
make aix-gcc IBM AIX using gcc (tested: 4.2)
make aix-xlc IBM AIX using xlc (tested: 4.3)
make aix-tk3play IBM AIX
make os2 IBM OS/2
make netbsd NetBSD
make bsdos BSDI BSD/OS
make bsdos4 BSDI BSD/OS 4.0
make bsdos-nas BSDI BSD/OS with NAS support
make mint MiNT on Atari
make generic try this one if your system isn''t listed above

#make linux-help
There are several Linux flavours. Choose one:

make linux Linux (i386, Pentium or unlisted platform)
make linux-i486 Linux (optimized for i486 ONLY)
make linux-3dnow Linux, output 3DNow!(TM) optimized code
(ie with ''as'' from binutils- or later)
make linux-alpha make with minor changes for ALPHA-Linux
make linux-ppc LinuxPPC or MkLinux for the PowerPC
make linux-m68k Linux/m68k (Amiga, Atari) using OSS
make linux-nas Linux, output to Network Audio System
make linux-sparc Linux/Sparc
make linux-sajber Linux, build binary for Sajber Jukebox frontend
make linux-alsa Linux with ALSA sound driver
make linux-mips-alsa Linux/MIPS with ALSA sound driver

make linux-esd Linux, output to EsounD
make linux-alpha-esd Linux/Alpha, output to EsounD
make linux-ppc-esd Linux/PPC, output to EsounD

#make linux
#make install
#/usr/local/bin/mpg123 /usr/local/mp3/xxx.mp3 2>/dev/null &
#/usr/local/bin/mpg123 -@ 1.lst -Z 2>/dev/null &

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