SOA is an integration solution. SOA is message oriented first.
The Key character of SOA is loosely coupled. SOA is enriched
by creating composite apps.
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Practical .NET2 and C#2 翻译样章

Posted on 2007-08-28 09:47  idior  阅读(9537)  评论(64编辑  收藏  举报


Practical .Net2 and C#2: Harness the Platform, the Language, the Framework (Paperback)
by Patrick Smacchia 34 customer reviews (34 customer reviews)

Translated by Shi fan, Xu ning,Tan yinghua,Li yonglun





Most Helpful Customer Reviews

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

Excellant Introduction to Dot Net!!, March 9, 2006

By Jay Balapa (Chicagoland, IL) - See all my reviews

There are three types of books which target Dot Net-
1. Books Which exclusively deal with Framework and the Base Classes.
2. Second are general purpose books which give very little detail on Framework but give more weight to implementation.
3. Special purpose books which deal with Custom Control Development or ADO.net etc.
This book has close to 75% of its focus on type1 and 25% on type2.
Part1 gives a heavy weight introduction to the framework and PArt2 about c# and OOPS. Part3 has excellant chapters about Base Classes, Transactions and collections. I would have even preferred if PAtrick had skipped other chapter in Part 3 except for the chapters mentioned. But Part1 and Part2 is just worth the price of the book.
This is an one stop shop for experienced Java and c++ programmers who are trying to know Dot Net and want to have some basic understanding on how to implement them.
Existing Dot Net Programmer who has very little knowledge fundamentals of the platform or c# can also be helped by this book.
Kudos to Patrick when there are many cookie cutter books he has come out with a book with deals with indepth knowledge and fundamentals of Dot Net.


6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

Should Be On Every C# Programmer's Bookshelf, June 4, 2006

By Jeff Parish (Oakland, CA, USA) - See all my reviews

With the arrival of .NET 2.0, I realized that my knowledge of the .NET platform needed some updating. In my quest for a good resource, I came upon this excellent book. It is made up of 3 parts divided in 24 chapters.
The first part covers the .NET 2.0 platform, things such as CLR issues, threading, application build and deployment, security or interoperability with unmanaged code. This part is clear and to the point. I think it is worth the price of the book alone.
The second part is on the C# 2.0 language. The description of all facets of the language is dense and detailed. For example, the author compares C# 2.0 anonymous methods and functional closures and explains how .NET generics work under the hood.
The third part covers the .NET 2.0 framework as a whole (generic collections, ADO.NET 2.0, System.IO, System.Transactions, XML, Windows Form 2.0...). I appreciate the fact that each chapter provides great added value over the MSDN. The chapter on ASP.NET 2.0 is an excellent reference and the way it is organized makes it easy to understand how things really work.
The Appendix B references all .NET 2.0 new features covered throughout the book and has been an invaluable source for me.
This book was a pleasure to read. It is written effectively and concisely and all the code examples in the book are well structured and complete. Compared to other .NET books I have, the author did a superb job of collecting information that really matters. It met all of my expectations and I recommend this book to anyone interested in using .NET 2.0 for development.


这是一本在微软MVP(最有价值专家)圈子里口口相传而流行起来的奇书。在我看来,本书与Core Java在Java图书中的地位极为接近。主要着眼点不是介绍语言特性本身,而是如何在实战环境下运用这些特性。代码取自实战,非常密集。而这正是《C# 入门经典》和许多平庸的C#图书非常缺乏的。作者是法国的一位微软MVP,法文版由O’Reilly法国公司出版,是法文.NET图书中的执牛耳者,据说销量占据了大半江山,非常惊人。英文版由一家小出版社出版(为什么美国O'Reilly不出呢?),营销方面可能受了一定影响,并没有重现在法国的奇迹。但是酒香不怕巷子深,在Amazon上也很快聚集了30多条评论,总计接近于5星。译者由国内的微软MVP组成,非常值得期待。

最近刚刚与博客园中的一些朋友合作翻译完了《Pratical .NET2 and C#2》一书,这本针对初级到中级开发人员的洋洋900页的书,对.NET 2.0的讨论不光详尽,而且深入浅出,中间还穿插了很多C#例码。可以说这是市面上介绍.NET 2.0最全面且非常有深度的一本书,其中涉及各个方面的话题,如CLR、类型系统、安全性、XML、Winform、ASP.NET、Remoting、进程线程与同步、事务、Webservices等等,每个话题的介绍都非常深入并且与.NET2.0紧密关联,不像以往的书仅仅是点到为止,在翻译这本书的过程中我也学到很多新的知识,而且在翻译过程中我和脑袋都在找工作,我们把它戏称为《.NET面试宝典》。尽管由于涉及话题较多,有些章节叙述的不是那么连贯,但是这本书不乏一些精彩章节,比如介绍CLR、进程线程与同步、Remoting以及反射的这些章节就非常精彩,很多内容在其他书中都不曾有过介绍。



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