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    2006-05-22: iText 1.4.1
  • Changes made by Paulo
    • HTMLWorker: treatment of http images; made some fields protected
    • PdfGraphics2D: some clarification on compiling with JDK 1.3
    • PS: some fixes
    • TIFF: a compression tag was set in the wrong variable
    • TIFF: allow the reading of tiffs without the rowstrip tag (extra fix)
    • bugfix: PdfContentByte.saveState() was not making a copy of the state
    • PdfReader hack to read broken pfds that have nulls in the kid page array
    • PdfCopy: changes made to allow replacing existing images
    • PdfCopy.freeReader() for better memory management
    • Read encrypted PDF with keylength not 128 Bit and revision 3
    • More efficient rectangles (Mark Storer)
  • Changes made by Mark Hall
    • RtfLists in RtfListItems are now handled correctly.
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Class Table: rowspan fix by Bruno
    • Class Table: bug report #1460051 concerning table split over different pages
    • GreekList: upper- and lowercase were switched (bug reported by Shawn Qi)
    • List.setListSymbol always overwrites the list symbol set with ListItem.setListSymbol (bug reported by Shawn Qi)
    • Removed some unused code/classes
    • Image alignment fix
    • MultiColumnText: fixed an endless loop problem and made the object more user-friendly
    • XML Handler: Ricardo Coutinho removed a side-effect that prevented you to define the pagesize/orientation or a document
    • XML Handler: basefont problem fixed after a report by Conta Matteo
    • XHTML parsing made case insensitive
    • Changes to the Toolbox
      • Added a tool to view images that are inside the PDF as an Image XObject (code contributed by Carsten Hammer)
      • It is now possible to define the opacity of a text watermark added using the toolbox plug-in (code contributed by Carsten Hammer)
      • Added a DirFilter for the PhotoAlbum plug-in (code contribution by Johannes Schindelin)
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