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Changes in iTextSharp 3.0.7 (2005-08-24) 
- Constructor Image(Stream) was removed. Use Image.GetInstance(Stream). 
- fixed a conversion bug in getting the first dimension size of an array [,] 
- added the class WebColors 
- MultiColumnText didn't respect mirrored margins 
- added some methods to MultiColumnText for arabic and RTL text. 
- when using a MultiColumnText with only 1 column, the 
currentY of the PdfDocument is no longer the total available 
width (triggering a new page every time a ColumnText is 
added), but it is changed according to the space used by the 
MultiColumnText. In other words: you can now use 
MultiColumnText as if it was a Paragraph object (which is 
handy if you need R2L or BiDi). 
- RTF Table width bugfix 
- RTF Set the topLevelElement for RtfImages added directly to the 
- RTF Fixed a bug with undefined styles in RTF 
- RTF Added empty line between images in RTF 
- RTF RtfImage: Corrected the scaling to mimick the pdf more 
precisely. If added directly to the document includes a 
finishing new-line 
- RTF Added methods to update the indentations in RtfParagraph 
- RTF Correctly handle the indentation properties of Chapters and 
Sections. Improved match between pdf and rtf output. 

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