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XNATouch: Microsoft XNA Games Running On The iOS Platform


Rendering, Graphics and Game Engines

Character Animation


  • DigitalRune Physics –  A module from DigitalRune Engine - Physics with lots of features,  (fast & Xbox, $300)
  • Bepu Physics – Nice Physics engine with many features, (fast,  FREE)
  • Jitter Physics –  Physics Engine by the author of JigLibX  (fast,  FREE)
  • Matali Physics -fast with lots of potential (fast on PC, average on Xbox 360, $130 – $260)
  • Henge 3D Physics – Lot of Features and multi-threaded (okay on PC, slow on Xbox 360, FREE)
  • JigLibX – old physics enigine (not multi-threaded)  (slow, FREE – use Jitter instead… )
  • Farseer Physics Engine – a 2D Physics Engine
  • Box2D.XNA – C#/XNA port of Box2D


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) / Level Editor Tools

GameState Management


Useful Extras and Services

Articles, Blogs and Tutorials

XNA 4.0 Books

Are you trying to convert XNA 3.1 projects to XNA 4.0?

*Most of the articles above are from Shawn Hargreaves Blog, posted here to make them easier to find.

Sites that promote and review Xbox Indie Games

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