Micro Framework即将投入开源怀抱

由于部门调整, 和一些战略上的变化. Micro Framework即将加入微软的开源计划, 开放的部分可能包括运行时的源代码, 类库模型以及基础驱动程序.

"Following the move of the .NET Micro Framework team to the Developer Division of Microsoft we are planning on involving the community in the future definition and development of the product by allowing access to the source code of the runtime and object model, as well as the drivers. We are currently in the process of framing the rules of engagement and we hope to be able to offer both a process for a regulated development effort and a broad license, so that it will be possible to take advantage of the code base without necessarily contributing to the community."


 似乎在微软的裁员浪潮下, Micro Framework的生命力还是很顽强的 ;-)

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