.NET Micro Framework v3.0 Beta Announced!

.NET Micro Framework v3.0 Beta Announced!
.NET MF3.0的特征
有关.Net MF 3.0的一些关键新特征请看这里 ,这次发布的beta 包含了以下特征:
• Interop and native code linking
• Touch screen and inking/gesturing support
• USB device
• SSL (secure sockets) for the TCP/IP stack
• Visual Studio 2008 support
• DPWS (Devices Profile for Web Services), including new codegen tools
• 4bpp font support
• Enhanced and more compatible serial/UART model
File system*
802.11 Wi-Fi infrastructure*
Support for more cores and processor architectures*
Publicly available Porting Kit for purchase* (separate product not included with the SDK)

To encourage participation in our beta program, we are offering all participants a chance to win a cool new RicaVision VAVE100 universal remote control (shown below) worth almost $350! The beta program is open to everybody – so spread the word among your friends and colleagues today. Go to our site to see full details of the offer and to sign-up.
• Go to http://connect.microsoft.com/netmf
• Login to Connect using a Live ID account
• Answer a short survey to help us better understand our users
• Download the SDK, browse the newsgroups, provide feedback

Device Solutions has announced support for their Tahoe development kit during the v3.0 beta and GHI Electronics has announced support for their USBizi and Embedded MultiMaster development kits with the v3.0 beta.
Enjoy it!
黄季冬<Freesc Huang>

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