OpenFOAM Tutorial Standard Solvers


Steady-state solver for 1D turbulent flow,typically to generate boundary layer conditions at an inlet, for use in a simulation

Example Problems:

boundaryLaunderSharma      model which has the ability to in model cases and predict by-pass transition, using the Launder equations.

boundaryWallFunctions         solves a 1D turbulent model with two walls and one cyclic boundaries.


Solver for a system of two incompressible fluid phases with one phase dispersed, e.g. gas bubbles in a liquid

Example Problem:

bubbleColumnclassic             bubble column problem with an inlet and outlet for the foam and bubbles and two walls.


Transient Solver for buoyant, turbulent flow of compressible fluids for ventilation and heat-transfer

Example Problem:

hotRoom                             3D environment with one inlet, the “floor”, which the user can make any temperature and watch the thermal effects. i.e., thermal plume emanating from a 600 degree source on the floor


Steady-state solver for buoyant, turbulent flow of compressible fluids for ventilation and heat-transfer

Example Problem:

hotRoom                same as the first hot room, however this solver is steady state, showing a longer process, rather than transient.


Steady-state solver for buoyant, turbulent flow of compressible fluids with radiation, for ventilation and heat-transfer

Example Problem:

hotRadiationRoom           a much finer mesh room than the previous two hotRoom cases, along with an elevated heating source, radiation


Incompressible LES solver for flow in a channel

Example Problem:

channel395                 solves for channel flow, with several cyclic patches and only two top and bottom walls. Able to keep the mass flow rate in the channel constant, by calculating the velocity at each step, takes a long time to run.


Solver that couples conjugate heat transfer in a solid to a buoyancy-driven flow simulation

Example Problem:

multiRegionHeater            same as the hotRoom example problems, however this has multiple sources for heat, not just one


Solver for 2 compressible, isothermal immiscible fluids using a volume of fluid (VOF) phase-fraction based interface capturing approach, with LES

Example Problems:

depthCharge2D         modeled on a scale, a charge is blown in the mixture and the turbulence is modeled in a 2D environment based off the run time and a single momentum equation

depthCharge3D         same thing as the first, but in a 3D environment.


Coodles is a generic single-phase compressible LES solver

Example Problem:

pitzDaily                    a simple 2D compression, inlet turbulence case with propane for the fluid, with an applicable mesh


Diesel spray and combustion code

Example Problem:

aachenBomb          block filled with air, a diesel injector is placed on the top center of the block and n-Heptane is injected, evaporates and combusts


Direct numerical simulation solver for boxes of isotropic turbulence

Example Problem:

boxTurb16                  a box made up of six cyclic patches to model isotropic turbulence


Solver for electrostatics

Example Problem:

chargedWire               an electrostatic solver with user input values for the electric field strength


Solver for internal combustion engines

Example Problem:

kivaTest               a very complex mesh of a combustion engine of a cylinder four pistons


Solves the Black-Scholes equation to price commodities

Example Problem:

europeanCall                     gives the price C of the trading cost S, the mesh is 1D


General purpose molecular dynamics solver to simulate atoms in arbitrary shaped domains and average atomic/molecular quantities to the mesh to create field data

Example Problems:

constrictedChannel           demonstrates multiple species, tethered molecules, field plots and the flexibility offered by molConfig

nanoNozzle                      a channel with a complex shape of solid walls, where a section of neon is driven along with mixes of argon, used to demonstrate molecule demonstration


Transient solver for incompressible, laminar flow of Newtonian fluids with dynamic mesh

Example Problem:

movingCone               a dynamic moving mesh that the user can manipulate to produce desired outcome, simplest moving mesh


Transient solver for incompressible, laminar flow of Newtonian fluids

Example Problems:

cavity                       enclosed square flow field with one moving boundary

cavityClipped            the same cavity, but a square of length of 0.04 m is removed from the bottom right of the cavity

cavityGrade              same as the cavity mesh, however there are now four individual blocks in the cavity

elbow                       models the same simulation as the cavity cases, however it is not the traditional block mesh, but bent into an elbow


Solver for 2 incompressible fluids, which captures the interface using a VOF method with optional mesh motion

Example Problems:

damBreakWithObstacle          a wall of water falls, and crashes into an obstacle inside a 3D environment

sloshingTank2D                     a 2D environment that creates sloshing water to simulate crashing and oscillating waves

sloshingTank2D3DoF              Couldn’t find anything

sloshingTank3D                     a 3D environment that created sloshing water to simulate crashing and oscillating waves   
sloshingTank3D3DoF              Couldn’t find anything

sloshingTank3D6DoF              Couldn’t find anything


Solver for 2 incompressible fluids, which captures the interface using a VOF method

Example Promblem:

damBreak                  simulation of a breaking wall, the water runs into an object and is projected around the 2D environment, modeled from user defined time steps


Solves a simple Laplace equation, e.g. for thermal diffusion in a solid

Example Problem:

flange                         a complex mesh of a flange, shows thermal diffusion through the solid


Transient cavitation code with LES turbulence

Example Problems:

throttle                      a 2D mesh consisting of two main chambers and a small connecting tube, from the tube there is a thrusting source

throttle3D                  same case as seen in 3D


Solver for 2 incompressible fluids capturing the interface. Turbulence is modeled using a runtime selectable incompressible LES model

Example Problem:

nozzleFlow2D             a nozzle is inserted into the bottom left of a wedge container, pouring in a liquid, very applicable but runs slower than rasInterFoam


Solver that equilibrates and/or preconditions molecular dynamics systems

Example Problem:

periodicCube             a cubic domain with a periodic boundary in each direction, there is a lattice of molecules, each in a block, heated to a target temperature


Solver for magnetohydrodynamics (MHD): incompressible, laminar flow of a conducting fluid under the influence of a magnetic field

Example Problem:

hartmann                 this solves the coupled Maxwell-Navier-Stokes equations for an incompressible fluid, with a presumed constant electrical conductivity


Steady state solver for incompressible turbulent flow with Multiple Reference Frames regions

Example Problem:

mixerVessel2D           a 2D rotator or impellor working in a constant flow, can work at any RPM


Solver for an arbitrary number of incompressible immiscible fluids, capturing the multiple interfaces using a VOF method

Example Problem:

damBreak4phase              same as the damBreak case, however this case contains different fluids at different levels in the mesh

damBreak4phaseFine        same, just with a finer mesh for greater resolution


Transient solver for incompressible, laminar flow of non-Newtonian fluids

Example Problem:

offsetCylinder                   same as the icoFoam tutorial, however in the mesh there is a cylinder, and it is made to investigate laminar flow around the cylinder


Incompressible LES solver

Example Problems:

pitzDaily                        same as the coodles case with a very fine mesh, 244k cells. So it runs very slowly

pitzDailyDirectMapped    the same as the pitzDaily case with a longer inlet,  the mesh is still composed of mainly walls


Simple potential flow solver which can be used to generate starting fields for full Navier-Stokes codes

Example Problems:

cylinder               non-orthogonal mesh, investigate potential flow around a cylinder

pitzDaily              same as the other pitzDaily examples however, this case considers the Navier-Stokes equations and can be any fluid


Transient cavitation code with RAS turbulence

Example Problem:

throttle               same thruster problem just as in lesCavitatingFoam, however, it doesn’t use LES turbulence for the thrust


Solver for 2 incompressible fluids capturing the interface. Turbulence is modeled using a runtime selectable incompressible RAS model

Example Problem:

damBreak           same as the other damBreak cases, however this has a RAS liquid, therefore the turbulence isn’t as great from the other cases


Density-based compressible flow solver based on central-upwind schemes

Example Problems:

biconic25-55Run35           a rather simple mesh made for thermodynamics, with an and a field stream, this case contains a “perfect gas”

forwardStep                     a flow of Mach 3 at an inlet to a rectangular geometry with a step near the inlet region that generates shock waves, can generate a supersonic flow

LadenburgJet60psi           Couldn’t Find Anything

obliqueShock                   2D aerodynamic test problem, there is a supersonic inlet into the simple rectangular mesh, made to represent the reflection of an oblique shock, such as a plane going mach

shockTube                      traditional shock tube problem, a 2D environment in which a shock wave is produced and the high-pressure and temperature gasses are shown

wedge15Ma5                  very similar to the oblique shock case, however the meshes bottom right side has been cut out, the supersonic inlet has now been moved to the vertex of the cut


Transient solver for turbulent flow of compressible fluids for ventilation and heat-transfer

Example Problem:

angledDuct             a simple mesh of a duct that is bent at an angle, gas is thrust through the inlet and makes its way to the outlet while heating the mesh as well


Steady-state solver for turbulent flow of compressible fluids with implicit or explicit porosity treatment

Example Problems:

angledDuctExplicit           duct with a rectangular cross section with a sharp 45_ bend at the center. The porous media is added where the duct is bending and it goes halfway up the angled duct

angledDuctImplicit           same as the other solver, the difference is the porosity of examples, this example has a finer mesh, and therefore is far more robust


Pressure-density-based compressible flow solver

Example Problems:

shockTube                  a one dimensional unsteady case where a discontinuity, normally in pressure, is introduced in the middle of the domain

wedge15Ma5              same as the first wedge case, without the upward scheme, as the solver is also pressure based


Density-based compressible flow solver

Example Problems:

forwardStep             same as the first forward step without the applied upward scheme

shockTube               same tube and solver again, however this one is neither pressure or central-upwind scheme based


Transient solver for compressible, turbulent flow

Example Problem:

cavity                    the same as the icoFoam case however this isn’t a laminar flow, as well the lid is no longer the transient side but the back wall


Transient solver for compressible, turbulent flow with two thermo-clouds

Example Problem:

simplifiedSiwek      multiregion lagrangian clouds, in a squar 2D mesh with a long inlet in the top left corner, shows turbulent flow into compression of the gas


Solves a transport equation for a passive scalar

Example Problem:

pitzDaily               scalar transport, swirl test: non-uniform initial field, using field algebra


Solver for 2 incompressible fluids for simulating the settling of the dispersed phase

Example Problems:

dahl                    a very fine 2D mesh in which two 2 fluids are released, one one from the top and the other from the bottom, they then  settle together

tank3D               Couldn’t find anything


Steady-state solver for incompressible, turbulent flow of non-Newtonian fluids

Example Problems:

airFoil2D                    a 2D airfoil in a large square mesh, that is put into the flow of turbulent non-Newtonian fluids

pitzDaily                    same as all the others, however this version has a turbulent flow

pitzDailyExptInlet       same thing with a different inlet


Steady, incompressible, rotating reference frame

Example Problem:

mixer                          a large 3D rotor, can be applied in many different ways


Automatic meshing tool

Example Problems:

iglooWithFridges         exactly as advertised, an igloo with 2 fridges in it, simply used to show how the tool works

motorBike                  once again, simply here to show how the tool works


Transient segregated finite-volume solver of linear-elastic, small-strain deformation of a solid body, with optional thermal diffusion and thermal stresses

Example Problem:

plateHole                    a square mesh with a quarter circle cut out of the bottom left corner, pressure is applied to the plate for stress analysis


Steady-state segregated finite-volume solver of linear-elastic, small-strain deformation of a solid body

Example Problem:

beamEndLoad            a rectangular beam is strained, testing the elastic properties of the material, as well stress is shown in the beam


Transient solver for trans-sonic/supersonic, laminar flow of a compressible gas.

Example Problems:

forwardStep               same as the other forwardStep problems, however this contains a laminar flow rather than turbo

shockTube                 another version of a shock tube problem with a laminar flow and compressible gas


Transient solver for trans-sonic/supersonic, laminar flow of a compressible liquid

Example Problem:

decompressionTank          a simple tank under high pressure becomes decompressed by a nozzle inserted in the side of the tank


Transient solver for trans-sonic/supersonic, turbulent flow of a compressible gas

Example Problems:

nacaAirfoil                 a supersonic flow around a 2D NACA airfoil

prism                        a supersonic flow blown around a 2D prism


Transient solver for incompressible, turbulent flow

Example Problem:

cavity                         same as the last cavity case, however it contains incompressible gas


Solver for a system of 2 incompressible fluid phases with one phase dispersed, e.g. gas bubbles in a liquid

Example Problems:

bed                        couldn’t find anything

bed2                      couldn’t find anything

bubbleColumn         couldn’t find anything


Compressible premixed/partially-premixed combustion solver with turbulence modeling

Example Problem:

moriyoshiHomogeneous   couldn’t find anything


Compressible premixed/partially-premixed combustion solver with large-eddy simulation (LES) turbulence modeling

Example Problems:

pitzDaily                    couldn’t find anything   

pitzDaily3D                couldn’t find anything

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