Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Developer Studio (v10):

We include makefiles that should work as project files in Visual Studio
2010 or later. There is a library makefile that builds the IJG library
as a static Win32 library, and application makefiles that build the sample
applications as Win32 console applications. (Even if you only want the
library, we recommend building the applications so that you can run the

To use:
1. Open the command prompt, change to the main directory and execute the
command line
NMAKE /f setup-v10
This will move to jconfig.h and makefiles to project files.
(Note that the renaming is critical!)
2. Open the solution file jpeg.sln, build the library project.
(If you are using Visual Studio more recent than 2010 (v10), you'll
probably get a message saying that the project files are being updated.)
3. Open the solution file apps.sln, build the application projects.
4. To perform the self-test, execute the command line
NMAKE /f test-build
5. Move the application .exe files from `app`\Release to an
appropriate location on your path.



在路径C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1A\Include下,修改win32.mak的路径为绝对路径



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