YanHua digiprog 3 HC12 adapter for odometer correction

摘要:Some of thedigiprog3 odometer correction toolowners reported that for some Mercedes Benz or BMW models (such as CAS3, EZA etc), you need additional di... 阅读全文
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Carprog Full V7.28 ECU tuning update and EEPROM reading

摘要:Carprog Full has recently launched the newest V7.28 (with all software activated and all 21items Adapters). So, there come with a question — How to up... 阅读全文
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VW Regenerate DPF with Bluetooth VAS 5054A ODIS

摘要:Here is a quick guide on regenerate DPF (Diesel particulate filters)for VAG vehicles withVAS 5054AODIS and some frequently asked questions about this ... 阅读全文
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How V146 CAN CLIP Interface Recode 2006 Renault Trafic Injector ECU

摘要:2015 Good QualityCAN CLIPV146 is a best-sold Renault diagnostic tool that supports multi-language, and multi-function including automatically test com... 阅读全文
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Delphi TcsCDP 2014.02 free keygen, activation manual on Win7

摘要:Since clone DelphiTcsCDPpro/DE150E/Autocom CDP diagnostic system are respected by a large amount of car/trucks owners, mechanics and technicians.Eobd2... 阅读全文
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Solved Xentry Diagnostic Software Internal Error (317) 385

摘要:We know that improper operation may correspondingly cause error during operation or installation. Recently a Japanese customer reflected that he encou... 阅读全文
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How to remove FAP Filter with Galletto 1260

摘要:Note:Carry this out at your own risk !! The method has been tested on Peugeot 406 and 607 without any issues, no smoke, no turbo back pressure !Worrie... 阅读全文
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How to Disable DRLs for Porsche 911 Using PIWIS Tester II V14.75

摘要:Multi-language bestPorsche Tester 2V14.75is the latest professional tester for Porsche with multi-function and full compatibility. Here I would like t... 阅读全文
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Good ECU Programmer Tool to read EDC17

摘要:Which EDC17 Reader works well for a good price?BDM100, FGTECH 54, MPPS v16, kessv2.06 or any other tools/ solution is optional?Let’s hear from some ex... 阅读全文
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BMW INPA / EDIABAS full iso torrent Free download

摘要:BMW engineering and development diagnostic software can project powerful functions for both old and new BMW series, like E39, E60, E65 etc, CANBUS mod... 阅读全文
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