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c# 编程语言 编译器 Roslyn

4 月3日,微软向公众发布了Roslyn编译器项目,该项目采用了Apache开源许可协议。C#的创始人 Anders Hejlsberg在Build大会的第二场主题演讲中将这一令人震惊的消息公之于众。微软向Roslyn项目投入了大量人力物力,从头重写了C#和VB.NET的编译器,同时向开发人员开放了编译过程,以便他们提供更好的工具和编辑器支持。

如今整个项目都发布在微软的CodePlex站点上,无论是在Windows下,还是在其它平台下,任何开发人员都可以免费获得 。如果机器安装了Git,还可以通过一次clone操作直接获得整个项目。

如果想尝试一下Roslyn,可以到Connect站点上下载预览版。如果想更深入地了解源代码,并在自己的环境中编译源代码,以满足自己测试和实验的需要,则需安装Visual Studio 2013专业版(或更高版本)、Visual Studio 2013 SDKVisual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC,以及.NET编译器平台最终用户预览版(.NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn) End User Preview)。


这次发布的作为.NET基础的核心技术,标志着 微软在思想上的重大变化。尽管CLR不开源,但是能看到编译器,也能为各个平台的开发者带来好处。(例如,Mono的CLR允许Roslyn生成的代码在非微软平台上运行)。

英文原文: C# Compiler Released As Open Source


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Today Microsoft has released the Roslyn compiler project to the public, under the Apache open source license.  This stunning announcement was made during Build’s second keynote by C# creator Anders Hejlsberg.  Roslyn represents the significant investment Microsoft has made in rewriting its C# and VB .NET compilers from scratch while opening up the compilation process to developers to promote better tooling and editor support.

Now the entire project is available on Microsoft’s CodePlex, freely available for use by all developers whether they are on Windows or otherwise.  With Git installed, you can obtain the project directly via a clone operation. 

If you only want to try out Roslyn, the preview is available on Connect.  If you want to truly dig into the code and compile it on your own environment for testing and experimentation, you will need VS2013 Professional or higher, the Visual Studio 2013 SDK, VS2013 Update 2 RC, and the .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn) End User Preview

The roadmap listed on Roslyn’s project page lists numerous items under development most of which can be classified as a feature addition or quality improvement.  A status page exists to list the current state of new features being written for C# and VB.

Today’s release of key technology at the foundation of .NET marks an important shift in Microsoft’s thinking.  While the runtime (CLR) is not open source, the compiler’s visibility should lead to improved benefits for all regardless of their platform.  (The Mono project’s CLR allows non-Microsoft platforms to run the code produced by Roslyn.)



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