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Pytest学习笔记(六) pytest.ini配置文件



# 新建pytest.ini文件,一般放在项目的顶级目录下,不能随意命名


addopts = -v --rerun=2 --count=2
xfail_strict = true

使用pytest -h参看帮助文档,找到这行:ini-options in the first pytest.ini|tox.ini|setup.cfg file found

[pytest] ini-options in the first pytest.ini|tox.ini|setup.cfg file found:

  markers (linelist):   markers for test functions
  empty_parameter_set_mark (string):
                        default marker for empty parametersets
  norecursedirs (args): directory patterns to avoid for recursion
  testpaths (args):     directories to search for tests when no files or directories are given in the command line.

  filterwarnings (linelist):
                        Each line specifies a pattern for warnings.filterwarnings. Processed after
  usefixtures (args):   list of default fixtures to be used with this project
  python_files (args):  glob-style file patterns for Python test module discovery
  python_classes (args):
                        prefixes or glob names for Python test class discovery
  python_functions (args):
                        prefixes or glob names for Python test function and method discovery
  disable_test_id_escaping_and_forfeit_all_rights_to_community_support (bool):
                        disable string escape non-ascii characters, might cause unwanted side effects(use at your
                        own risk)
  console_output_style (string):
                        console output: "classic", or with additional progress information ("progress" (percentage)

                        | "count").
  xfail_strict (bool):  default for the strict parameter of xfail markers when not given explicitly (default:
  enable_assertion_pass_hook (bool):
                        Enables the pytest_assertion_pass hook.Make sure to delete any previously generated pyc
                        cache files.
  junit_suite_name (string):
                        Test suite name for JUnit report
  junit_logging (string):
                        Write captured log messages to JUnit report: one of
  junit_log_passing_tests (bool):
                        Capture log information for passing tests to JUnit report:
  junit_duration_report (string):
                        Duration time to report: one of total|call
  junit_family (string):
                        Emit XML for schema: one of legacy|xunit1|xunit2
  doctest_optionflags (args):
                        option flags for doctests
  doctest_encoding (string):
                        encoding used for doctest files
  cache_dir (string):   cache directory path.
  log_level (string):   default value for --log-level
  log_format (string):  default value for --log-format
  log_date_format (string):
                        default value for --log-date-format
  log_cli (bool):       enable log display during test run (also known as "live logging").
  log_cli_level (string):
                        default value for --log-cli-level
  log_cli_format (string):
                        default value for --log-cli-format
  log_cli_date_format (string):
                        default value for --log-cli-date-format
  log_file (string):    default value for --log-file
  log_file_level (string):
                        default value for --log-file-level
  log_file_format (string):
                        default value for --log-file-format
  log_file_date_format (string):
                        default value for --log-file-date-format
  log_auto_indent (string):
                        default value for --log-auto-indent
  faulthandler_timeout (string):
                        Dump the traceback of all threads if a test takes more than TIMEOUT seconds to finish.
  addopts (args):       extra command line options
  minversion (string):  minimally required pytest version
  required_plugins (args):
                        plugins that must be present for pytest to run




pytest -v --rerun=2 --count=2 --html=report.html --self-contained-html -n=auto

这时可以在pytest.ini文件通过addopts 加上子而写参数

# 命令行参数
addopts = -v --reruns=1 --count=2 --html=reports.html --self-contained-html -n=auto




  • 文件名以 test_*.py 文件和 *
  • 以  test_ 开头的函数
  • 以  Test 开头的类,不能包含 __init__ 方法


python_files =  test_*.py  *    # 文件名
python_classes = Test*                      #
python_functions = test_*                  # 函数



testpaths = apicase     #指定用例搜索目录



norecursedirs = tmp* *plugins



markers =
    smoke: this is smoke case
    login: this is login case


设置xfail_strict = True可以让那些标记为@pytest.mark.xfail但实际通过显示XPASS的测试用例被报告为失败

xfail_strict = True


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