cgi   Run as CGI script
flup flup Run as Fast CGI process
gae gae Helper for Google App Engine deployments
wsgiref wsgiref Single-threaded default server
cherrypy cherrypy Multi-threaded and very stable
paste paste Multi-threaded, stable, tried and tested
rocket rocket Multi-threaded
gunicorn gunicorn Pre-forked, partly written in C
fapws3 fapws3 Asynchronous, written in C
tornado tornado Asynchronous, powers some parts of Facebook
twisted twisted Asynchronous, well tested
diesel diesel Asynchronous, based on greenlet
meinheld meinheld Asynchronous, partly written in C
bjoern bjoern Asynchronous, very fast and written in C
auto   Automatically selects an available server adapter
bottle bottle Bottle是一个小巧的Python Web开放框架,源码只有一个文件.多线程服务器,多服务器进程.
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