July 20th, 2019. Week 29th, Saturday

If we just open the door a crack, the light comes pouring in.


Don't be so dishearted, life won't be hard all the time.

If it would, then why not think that it isn't the first time we fail and it may be the chance we can grow up.

Be a little more optimistic.

If fear about the future, why not take actions now to make it better?

I pray, please let some lights in, and I will reflect more to you.

There comes a point in time that you got to take control of your own life.


From Shameless.

Since last year, I have kept doing exercises under the instructions from the healthy app 'KEEP', and on the app's cover it says, " Self-discipline gives me freedom."

I believe that is very right.

Because if we want to take control of our life, if we want to make our dreams come true, or if we just want our life wouldn't be so bad, we must take control of ourselves first.

Why? Actually, there are too many things out of our control and no matter what we try, we will never take them to bend to our will.  This is the way the world works and this is the reality we are born into.

Sometimes it would be so frustrating to realize that so many outside forces have such a profound influence on us, but there is no way around it.

We cannot take everything into our control, and we needn't have to bother attempting to control what we can't.

And the only thing we can fully control is ourselves, our words, our behaviours. That is the start point that we can take control of our own life.

In a word, if we can do our own businesses well, or if we can always present outcomes that can exceed others' expectation, we won't be worried about others' evaluations about ourselves.

Only the weak and the incompetent care too much about how others think of them.

Please work hard to sovle all the problems, and perfect outcomes will help us win others' hearts.

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