Dragon Boat Festival

Festival Preparations
Although there was no chance for me to go back to my hometown and make zongzi, I got zongzi that the dining hall gave away. In my childhood, I used to make zongzi with my mother. Zongzi she made is much bigger than my fist,filled with sticky rice and candied dates, which is my favorite. After steamed and infused with maternal love, every bite of zongzi is not only delicious but also full of happiness and warmth.

Cultural Reflections
The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates the death of Qu Yuan (c340–278 B.C.), China's first known poet, who drowned himself when his home state of Chu was overthrown; the dragon boat races traditionally represent the search for his body.
The present Dragon Boat Festival is not only to commemorate Qu Yuan, but also to inherit the culture and cultivate the feelings of the family and the country. The festival also gives millions of families a chance to get reunited.
Through this festival, more than 2,000 years of ancient and modern times are connected, giving people a magical experience of time travel. It’s like spending this day with ancient people at the same time.

Memories and traditions
As a northern person,no matter what festival we will make and eat dumplings. At this year's Dragon Boat Festival, my family bought zongzi in the supermarket to eat. They made dumplings at home as well,which brought my mouth water. Being far away from homeland, I felt consoled that my little sister served me cyber dumplings through a video call. That is a memorable experience with deep homesickness.

Short Trip
I went to Jiujiang in Jiangxi Province with my roommate. We spent our first day wandering around the city and seeing a lot of historical sights.
Before arriving at the first tourist attraction, we encountered two senior high schools in which the college entrance examination was proceeding. I bought a sunflower as a gift to a student who are brimming with youthful vitality and looking forward to a bright future. Then along the Yangtze River, we visited Nengren Temple, Suojiang Tower, Xunyang Tower, Ligong Dyke which are historically valuable. Some of them propaganda historical knowledge through digital techniques, connecting what I have learned in DMC class with my real life. These ways also allowed me to remember the knowledge I used to keep in mind about geography, history even math. Subsequent places were interesting to combine the teaching and modern elements, which are the youth preferred.
What’s more, it was an essential part to savor the local food, such as radish pancakes, pickled pepper ducks, soybean pudding with fresh milk…
The next day, we climbed Mount Lushan and visited the White Deer Cave Academy. It was a rare opportunity for a northern person to watch streams flowing through the rocks. The limpid water resembling an emerald was a marvel for me.
Feeling the rain falling down on almost the whole day, I caught a unique mood to climb and hang out around the White Deer Cave Academy.
So after this traveling, I think Jiujiang is a city saturated with cultural basis and friendliness.

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