How to access UI controls from a user defined class (CFormView based SDI application)

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GetActiveWindow() is thread-specific. You have no active windows in your worker thread.

Why not add a CHhhhView* member to your MyClass class (pass it in in the constructor):
class MyClass
CHhhhView *pView;
MyClass(CHhhhView *view) {pView = view;}

void CHhhhView::OnButton1()
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
MyClass *objMyClass = new MyClass(this);
AfxBeginThread(MyThreadProc, objMyClass);

Now you can use pView in MyClass instead of ((CMDIFrameWnd*)AfxGetMainWnd()->GetActiveWindow()).

Answer from codeguru (cy163)

The thread below answers your dilemma:
How to access UI elements from a thread in MFC?
Jist is to pass the HWND of the window you need to update to the thread in some way and use the HWND ( and NOT CWnd object pointer )

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