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Mingw gcc 6.30下载 这个是某微软员工编译的版本


MinGW is a port of GCC to Windows. It is free of charge and simple to use (well, as simple as toolchains ever get). It produces standalone Windows executables which may be distributed in any manner. MinGW's official website mingw-w64.sourceforge.net provides various builds, but I maintain my own distro because I demand complete control. (It's a long story, but mingw-w64 forked from mingw.org. Although my distro was based on mingw.org for many years, I now consider mingw-w64 to be the one true MinGW.)



The components of this distro fall into four categories:

  • Essentials: The components of MinGW itself. They are required in order to run GCC.
  • Libraries: Useful C and C++ libraries.
  • Utilities: Programs used by programmers.
  • Utilities (Binary): More programs used by programmers. Unlike everything else, I obtained these executables from their official websites instead of building them myself.
Essentials Libraries Utilities Utilities (Binary)
binutils 2.27 Boost 1.63.0 coreutils 8.26*** 7-Zip 16.04
GCC 6.3.0 FreeType 2.7 gdb 7.12 git 2.11.0
mingw-w64 5.0.0 glbinding 2.1.1 grep 2.10  
  GLM LAME 3.99.5  
  libbzip2 1.0.6 make 4.2.1  
  libjpeg-turbo 1.5.1* pngcheck 2.3.0  
  libogg 1.3.2 pngcrush 1.8.10  
  libpng 1.6.26 sed 4.2.2  
  libvorbis 1.3.5 vorbis-tools 1.4.0  
  PCRE 8.39**    
  SDL 2.0.5    
  SDL_mixer 2.0.1    
  zlib 1.2.8    

* With jpegtran.

** With pcregrep.

*** Only sort, uniq, and wc.


TDM-GCC 这个我就不多说了,你懂的!工欲善其事必先利其器!!!!!!!!

2015 · June 28th 包括x64 和 x86版本


GCC 5.1.0 packages

TDM-GCC is pleased to present new toolchains based on GCC 5.1.0, as well as updated GDB packages for 32-bit and 64-bit native Windows.

This TDM-GCC release incorporates a few more local patches from the MinGW-w64 project's MinGW-Builds releases. Also, a 32-bit GDB is now available, and both 32-bit and 64-bit GDB automatically load GCC's libstdc++ "pretty printers", if available, to provide more readable debugging output for libstdc++ objects. See the README files included in the core and gdb packages for details on all local patches.

  • TDM-GCC is a compiler suite for Windows.
  • It combines the most recent stable release of the GCC toolset, a few patches for Windows-friendliness, and the free and open-source MinGW or MinGW-w64 runtime APIs to create an open-source alternative to Microsoft's compiler and platform SDK.
  • It can create 32-bit OR 64-bit binaries, for any version of Windows since Windows 98.
  • It has an easy-to-use single-file installer that creates a working installation with just a few clicks, and can update that installation when new packages become available.
  • It consists of command-line tools only. If you want a visual IDE (text editor, compiler interface, visual debugger),Code::Blocks integrates well with TDM-GCC.
  • TDM-GCC is a redistribution of components that are freely available elsewhere; as such, support for using TDM-GCC should generally be sought on the basis of the individual components in their respective forums. See the documentation for more details.



MinGW-w64 - for 32 and 64 bit Windows

 包含各种版本的GCC编译器,尤其是包含最新的GCC5.2x版本。。。还有GCC6.0 ...



Clang for windows





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