Decrypt string in C# that was encrypted with PHP openssl_encrypt

Decrypt string in C# that was encrypted with PHP openssl_encrypt


Well this was fun to work out and required jumping into the PHP source code with some interesting results. Firstly PHP doesn't even use a key derivation algorithm it just takes the bytes of the passphrase and pads it out with zero's to the required length. That means the entire DeriveKeyAndIV method isn't necessary.

Because of the above that means the IV that is being used is a 16 length byte array containing zeros.

Finally the only other thing wrong with your code is that the source you copied it from used a salt in their implementation of encrypt which then had to be removed, PHP nor you are doing this so removing the salt bytes is incorrect.

So the all of this put together means you need to change the OpenSSLDecrypt method to this.

public static string OpenSSLDecrypt(string encrypted, string passphrase)
    //get the key bytes (not sure if UTF8 or ASCII should be used here doesn't matter if no extended chars in passphrase)
    var key = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(passphrase);

    //pad key out to 32 bytes (256bits) if its too short
    if (key.Length < 32)
        var paddedkey = new byte[32];
        Buffer.BlockCopy(key, 0, paddedkey, 0, key.Length);
        key = paddedkey;

    //setup an empty iv
    var iv = new byte[16];

    //get the encrypted data and decrypt
    byte[] encryptedBytes = Convert.FromBase64String(encrypted);
    return DecryptStringFromBytesAes(encryptedBytes, key, iv);

And very finally the resulting string has some extra chars at the end namely a set of 3 of the ETX char but these should be easy enough to filter out. I actually can't figure out where these are coming from.


Thanks to @neubert for pointing out the padding is a part of the standard PKCS padding if you want the framework to remove this just specify that as the padding mode when instantiating the RijndaelManaged object.

new RijndaelManaged { Padding = PaddingMode.PKCS7 };


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