Configure Git to use Plink

Configure Git to use Plink


I just had this problem (with a newer version of Git, 1.7.9). I used the answer from VonC, but only a couple of steps were needed:

  1. Set the environment variable GIT_SSH to the location of plink.exe
  2. Run pageant.exe and load your private key

On 64 bit Windows, the default location for plink is C:\Program Files (x86)\GitExtensions\PuTTY\plink.exe The spaces in the path no longer seem to be a problem.



This is an old question, and I just have the same problem, just to be sure I will write down the solution that worked for me.

  • The msysgit installer didn't show the screen that allows to select between the openssh client and the Tortoise (plink)

  • The solution is to install Putty (or Tortoise Plink I guess), create and save at least one session, just installing Putty didn't work, the session must be created, the installer does some weird check about that.

  • When you run the Git installer again, the screen should appear.



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