SAP Business One对象清单


中文描述 对象号 表名 主键 英文描述
总账科目 1 OACT AcctCode G/L Accounts
业务伙伴 2 OCRD CardCode Business Partner
银行代码 3 ODSC AbsEntry Bank Codes
物料 4 OITM ItemCode Items
税定义 5 OVTG Code Tax Definition
价格清单 6 OPLN ListNum Price Lists
特殊价格 7 OSPP CardCode, ItemCode Special Prices
物料属性 8 OITG ItmsTypCod Item Properties
汇率差异 9 ORTM LineNum, IsSysCurr Rate Differences
业务伙伴组 10 OCRG GroupCode Card Groups
联系人 11 OCPR CntctCode Contact Persons
用户 12 OUSR USERID Users
应收发票 13 OINV DocEntry A/R Invoice
应收贷项凭证 14 ORIN DocEntry A/R Credit Memo
交货 15 ODLN DocEntry Delivery
退货 16 ORDN DocEntry Returns
销售订单 17 ORDR DocEntry Sales Order
应付发票 18 OPCH DocEntry A/P Invoice
应付贷项凭证 19 ORPC DocEntry A/P Credit Memo
采购收货单 20 OPDN DocEntry Goods Receipt PO
采购退货 21 ORPD DocEntry Goods Return
采购订单 22 OPOR DocEntry Purchase Order
销售报价单 23 OQUT DocEntry Sales Quotation
收款 24 ORCT DocEntry Incoming Payment
存款 25 ODPS DeposId Deposit
对账历史记录 26 OMTH MthAcctCod, IsInternal, MatchNum Reconciliation History
支票登记簿 27 OCHH CheckKey Check Register
日记账凭单分录 28 OBTF BatchNum, TransId Journal Voucher Entry
日记账凭单清单 29 OBTD BatchNum Journal Vouchers List
日记账分录 30 OJDT TransId Journal Entry
物料 – 仓库 31 OITW ItemCode, WhsCode Items – Warehouse
打印首选项 32 OADP PrintId Print Preferences
活动 33 OCLG ClgCode Activities
重复过账 34 ORCR RcurCode, Instance Recurring Postings
文件编号 35 ONNM ObjectCode, DocSubType Document Numbering
信用卡 36 OCRC CreditCard Credit Cards
货币代码 37 OCRN CurrCode Currency Codes
CPI 代码 38 OIDX IdexCode CPI Codes
管理 39 OADM Code Administration
付款条件 40 OCTG GroupNum Payment Terms
偏好 41 OPRF FormNumber, UserSign Preferences
收到的外部银行对帐单 42 OBNK AcctCode, Sequence External Bank Statement Received
制造商 43 OMRC FirmCode Manufacturers
卡属性 44 OCQG GroupCode Card Properties
日记帐分录代码 45 OTRC TrnsCode Journal Entry Codes
付款 46 OVPM DocEntry Outgoing Payments
序列号 47 OSRL ItemCode, SerialNum Serial Numbers
装载费用 48 OALC AlcCode Loading Expenses
交货类型 49 OSHP TrnspCode Delivery Types
长度单位 50 OLGT UnitCode Length Units
重量单位 51 OWGT UnitCode Weight Units
物料组 52 OITB ItmsGrpCod Item Groups
销售员 53 OSLP SlpCode Sales Employee
报告-选择标准 54 OFLT FormNum, UserSign, FilterName Report – Selection Criteria
过帐模板 55 OTRT TrtCode Posting Templates
关税组 56 OARG CstGrpCode Customs Groups
付款支票 57 OCHO CheckKey Checks for Payment
仓库日记账 58 OINM TransNum, Instance Whse Journal
收货 59 OIGN DocEntry Goods Receipt
发货 60 OIGE DocEntry Goods Issue
成本中心 61 OPRC PrcCode Cost Center
分配规则 62 OOCR OcrCode Cost Rate
项目代码 63 OPRJ PrjCode Project Codes
仓库 64 OWHS WhsCode Warehouses
佣金组 65 OCOG GroupCode Commission Groups
产品树 66 OITT Code Product Tree
库存转储 67 OWTR DocEntry Inventory Transfer
生产指令 68 OWKO OrderNum Production Instructions
到岸成本 69 OIPF DocEntry Landed Costs
付款方法 70 OCRP CrTypeCode Payment Methods
信用卡付款 71 OCDT Code Credit Card Payment
信用卡管理 72 OCRH AbsId, Instance Credit Card Management
客户/供应商目录编号 73 OSCN ItemCode, CardCode, Substitute Customer/Vendor Cat. No.
信用付款 74 OCRV AbsId, PayId, Instance Credit Payments
CPI 和 FC 比率 75 ORTT RateDate, Currency CPI and FC Rates
保付支票存款 76 ODPT DeposId Postdated Deposit
预算 77 OBGT AbsId Budget
成本预算评估方法 78 OBGD BgdCode Budget Cost Assess. Mthd
零售链 79 ORCN ChainCode Retail Chains
警报模板 80 OALT Code Alerts Template
警报 81 OALR Code Alerts
收到警报 82 OAIB AlertCode, UserSign Received Alerts
消息发送 83 OAOB AlertCode, UserSign Message Sent
活动主题 84 OCLS Code Activity Subjects
组的特殊价格 85 OSPG CardCode, ObjType, ObjKey Special Prices for Groups
应用程序启动 86 SPRG LineNum, UserCode Application Start
分配清单 87 OMLS Code Distribution List
运输类型 88 OENT DocEntry Shipping Types
传出 89 OSAL DocEntry Outgoing
过渡 90 OTRA DocEntry Transition
预算方案 91 OBGS AbsId Budget Scenario
利息价格 92 OIRT Numerator Interest Prices
用户默认值 93 OUDG Code User Defaults
物料序列号 94 OSRI ItemCode, SysSerial Serial Numbers for Items
财务报表模板 95 OFRT AbsId Financial Report Templates
财务报表类别 96 OFRC TemplateId, CatId Financial Report Categories
机会 97 OOPR OpprId Opportunity
利息 98 OOIN Num Interest
利率水平 99 OOIR Num Interest Level
信息源 100 OOSR Num Information Source
销售机会阶段 101 OOST Num Opportunity Stage
缺陷原因 102 OOFR Num Defect Cause
活动类型 103 OCLT Code Activity Types
开会地点 104 OCLO Code Meetings Location
服务电话 105 OISR RequestNum Service Calls
物料批次编号 106 OIBT ItemCode, BatchNum, WhsCode Batch No. for Item
备选物料 2 107 OALI OrigItem, AltItem Alternative Items 2
合作伙伴 108 OPRT PrtId Partners
竞争者 109 OCMT CompetId Competitors
用户验证 110 OUVV IndexID, LineNum User Validations
过账期间 111 OFPR AbsEntry Posting Period
汇票 112 ODRF DocEntry Drafts
批次和序列号 113 OSRD ItemCode, DocType, DocEntry, DocLineNum Batches and Serial Numbers
用户显示CAT。 114 OUDC CodeID User Display Cat.
贷方 – Pelecard 115 OPVL Code Lender – Pelecard
预扣税扣减层次结构 116 ODDT Numerator Withholding Tax Deduction Hierarchy
代扣税扣除组 117 ODDG Numerator Withholding Tax Deduction Groups
分部 118 OUBR Code Branches
部门 119 OUDP Code Departments
确认级别 120 OWST WstCode Confirmation Level
审批模板 121 OWTM WtmCode Approval Templates
确认的凭证 122 OWDD WddCode Docs. for Confirmation
付款支票草稿 123 OCHD CheckKey Checks for Payment Drafts
公司信息 124 CINF Version Company Info
运费设置 125 OEXD ExpnsCode Freight Setup
销售税权限 126 OSTA Code, Type Sales Tax Authorities
销售税权限类型 127 OSTT AbsId Sales Tax Authorities Type
销售税代码 128 OSTC Code Sales Tax Codes
国家 129 OCRY Code Countries
130 OCST Country, Code States
Address Formats 131 OADF Code Address Formats
应收更正发票 132 OCIN DocEntry A/R Correction Invoice
现金折扣 133 OCDC Code Cash Discount
查询类别 134 OQCN CategoryId Query Catagories
三方协议 135 OIND Code Triangular Deal
数据迁移 136 ODMW Code Data Migration
工作站ID 137 OCSTN Code Workstation ID
标识 138 OIDC Code Indicator
货物装运 139 OGSP Code Goods Shipment
付款草稿 140 OPDF DocEntry Payment Draft
查询向导 141 OQWZ Code Query Wizard
科目段 142 OASG AbsId Account Segmentation
科目段类别 143 OASC SegmentId, Code Account Segmentation Categories
位置 144 OLCT Code Location
1099 表格 145 OTNN FormCode 1099 Forms
循环 146 OCYC Code Cycle
付款向导的付款方法 147 OPYM PayMethCod Payment Methods for Payment Wizard
1099 期初余额 148 OTOB VendCode, Form1099, Box1099 1099 Opening Balance
催款利率 149 ORIT Code Dunning Interest Rate
业务伙伴优先级 150 OBPP PrioCode BP Priorities
催款信 151 ODUN LineNum Dunning Letters
用户字段 – 说明 152 CUFD TableID, FieldID User Fields – Description
用户表 153 OUTB TableName User Tables
我的菜单项 154 OCUMI UserSign , Id_ My Menu Items
付款运行 155 OPYD Code Payment Run
拣配清单 156 OPKL AbsEntry Pick List
付款向导 157 OPWZ IdNumber Payment Wizard
付款结果表 158 OPEX AbsEntry Payment Results Table
Payment Block 159 OPYB AbsEntry Payment Block
查询 160 OUQR IntrnalKey, Qcategory Queries
中央银行标识 161 OCBI Indicator Central Bank Ind.
库存重估 162 OMRV DocEntry Inventory Revaluation
应付更正发票 163 OCPI DocEntry A/P Correction Invoice
应付更正发票冲销 164 OCPV DocEntry A/P Correction Invoice Reversal
应收更正发票 165 OCSI DocEntry A/R Correction Invoice
应收更正发票冲销 166 OCSV DocEntry A/R Correction Invoice Reversal
服务呼叫状态 167 OSCS statusID Service Call Statuses
服务呼叫类型 168 OSCT callTypeID Service Call Types
服务呼叫问题类型 169 OSCP prblmTypID Service Call Problem Types
合同模板 170 OCTT TmpltName Contract Template
员工 171 OHEM empID Employees
员工类型 172 OHTY typeID Employee Types
员工状态 173 OHST statusID Employee Status
离职原因 174 OHTR reasonID Termination Reason
教育类型 175 OHED edType Education Types
用户服务跟踪卡 176 OINS insID Customer Equipment Card
代理人名称 177 OAGP AgentCode Agent Name
代扣税 178 OWHT WTCode Withholding Tax
已经显示的 347、349 和预扣税报表 179 ORFL DocEntry, ReportType, DocType, LineNum, TaxCode,   OrdinalNum Already Displayed 347, 349 and WTax Reports
税务报表 180 OVTR AbsEntry Tax Report
付款汇票 181 OBOE BoeKey Bill of Exchange for Payment
Bill Of Exchang Transaction 182 OBOT AbsEntry Bill Of Exchang Transaction
文件格式 183 OFRM AbsEntry File Format
期间标识符 184 OPID Indicator Period Indicator
呆账 185 ODOR AbsEntry Doubtful Debts
假日表 186 OHLD HldCode Holiday Table
业务伙伴 - 银行帐户 187 OCRB Country, BankCode, Account, CardCode BP – Bank Account
服务呼叫解决方案状态 188 OSST Number Service Call Solution Statuses
服务呼叫解决方案 189 OSLT SltCode Service Call Solutions
服务合同 190 OCTR ContractID Service Contracts
服务呼叫 191 OSCL callID Service Calls
服务呼叫源 192 OSCO originID Service Call Origins
用户密钥描述 193 OUKD TableName, KeyId User Key Description
队列 194 OQUE queueID Queue
通货膨胀向导 195 OIWZ AbsEntry Inflation Wizard
催款条款 196 ODUT TermCode Dunning Terms
催款向导 197 ODWZ WizardId Dunning Wizard
销售预测 198 OFCT AbsID Sales Forecast
物料需求计划方案 199 OMSN AbsEntry MRP Scenarios
地区 200 OTER territryID Territories
行业 201 OOND IndCode Industries
生产订单 202 OWOR DocEntry Production Order
应收预收款 203 ODPI DocEntry A/R Down Payment
应付预付款 204 ODPO DocEntry A/P Down Payment
包装类型 205 OPKG PkgCode Package Types
用户定义的对象 206 OUDO Code User-Defined Object
数据所有权 – 对象 207 ODOW Object, SubObject Data Ownership – Objects
数据所有权 – 例外 208 ODOX QueryId, Object, SubObject Data Ownership – Exceptions
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