This is the solution for the cairo library.

You can use this solution to build the win32 dlls of the cairo library.
Features included are:
  • image surface(PNG, need the libpng library.)
  • win32 surface
  • win32 fonts
  • SVG surface
  • PDF surface
  • PS surface

Only the project files you can download from here, please get the origin source code of the cairo library from the site

The current solution is build with cairo 1.4.6, this is a stable version since 1.2.4.
Download the current version for the cairo 1.4.6 from here: .

  1. Copy the "msvc" folder into the root the cairo library folder;
  2. Copy the "cairo-features.h" file into the "src" folder;
  3. Open the project file to build.