blackberry gprs MODEM 上网

1.add bb modem.
add md,alreay install the modem driver..

control pannel > add new hard >search hardware >>check in "yes,i alreayd connto this hardware">>scroll last,"add new hardware divece">>install hard from list(advance)>> modem >check " no check my modem ,i will select form list">> starnd modem ,192bps >>select port

comxx (look from device-manager>port >rim vitual sreial port v2(com9)))
>> then add modem..ok

2.test modem
divece manager> modem > stard modem >right key >property >check> "quety modem "

3.set modem parameter  .....advace
ini cmd:    at+cgdcont=1,"ip","cmnet"

4.add modem conn ,conn to *99# , username and pwd is empty..



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