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There are 3,333 features on that thursh's throat.

They think that these things are better than those as the thicker things are better than thin things.

Wyvel worried the West would get a wave of Stonewalling.

Will Wall Street's rewards wane if workers wield power?

Robert Rally rolled a round roll around the round road.

Ronald Reynolds rolled a round roll around a round room.

Celia seizes the kicking kittens in the kitchen.

Should she sell her three sheer sheets or should she sell her teacher's weak sheep. If she sells these weak sheep,then the teacher will see her mean deeds and buy her steamed cheese.

Three gray-green greedy geese,feeding on a weedy piece.The piece was weedy,and the geese were greedy.

James the jailer changed the jail's chairs and chained the chairs to the jail.

Mary and Amy ran back together to gather the black hat and the black bag.

He who laughs last laughs best.

A cricket cracked his neck at a critical cricket match

Unit 1


take action 采取行动
take military action against sb 对sb采取军事行动
The action is set in Paris. 故事情节发生在巴黎
The action lasted for 5 hours. 战斗持续了5小时
a civil/criminal action 民事/刑事诉讼 
take a legal action against sb 起诉sb
衍生 active activate
take an active role in sth 起积极作用
man of action 注重行动的人,实干家
If you guys are going to bet on the basketball game,I want a piece of the action(I wanna be a part of the action). 如果你们要去打篮球,算我一份
Action stations,everyone! 各就各位
Actions speak louder than words. 行动胜于语言
Don't judge a man's action at first sight. 乍看难评人

farm animal 家畜
animal instincts 兽性,动物的本能
Drinking alcohol releases the animal in man. 喝酒使人兽性大发
the animal kingdom 动物界
animal husbandry 畜牧业
trap animals 诱捕动物
a party animal 一个喜欢参加聚会的人
Youth is/are full of animal spirits. 年轻人充满精力

She is expecting (a baby). 她怀孕了 It's so cute. 它(婴儿)好可爱
Don't be such a baby.Stop acting like a baby. 别幼稚了
babyhood 婴儿时期
baby sitter 保姆  babysit 照看
babyfaced 娃娃脸
baby carrots 嫩萝卜
baby boom 生育高峰 baby boomer 生育高峰时出生的人
baby kisser 为拉选票而到处拉拢人心的人,作秀的人
babes and sucklings 乳臭未干的人
sleep like a baby 睡得很香甜
The whole plan is your baby. 全部计划由你负责
No,like stealing candy from a baby. (很难么?)不,非常简单

We shall never forget the beauty of the old Beijing. 我们永远都不会忘记老北京的美
She was a famous beauty in her youth. 她在年轻时是出名的美人
The beauty of this machine is its simplicity. 这部机器的优点在于简单
beauty contest/queen 选美比赛/选美皇后
beauty salon/aid 美容院/美容师
Beauty is but skin-deep. 红颜易变
Beauty without virtue is a flower without perfume. 貌美而无德,犹如花之无香
Beauty lies in lover's eyes./Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 情人眼里出西施
Beauty is truth,truth beauty. 美是真,真即美

Kill two birds with one stone. 一举两得
She is a strange bird. 她是个怪人
a bird of passage 候鸟
bird in the hand/bush 有把握/没把握的事
the birds and the bees (可向儿童说明的)关于两性关系的基本常识
early bird 早起的人,早来的人
That job is for the birds. 那工作很无聊
I want to get a bird's eye view of the campus. 我想看下校园的全景
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 到手的东西才是可靠的
Birds of the same feather flock together. 物以类聚
The early bird cathes the worm.   早起的鸟有虫吃

Swimming is a good way to build up your body./to tone your body. 游泳是增强体质很好的方法
Congress is a legislative body. 国会是立法机关
body shape/body figure 体形  body building 健美
body and soul 全心全意
hard body 身材不错的人
keep body and soul togegher 维持生命
You've got the body and I've got the brains. 你好看,但是我聪明
She's got the body and the brains. 她内外兼修
Over my dead body will you sell this house. 除了我死了,你别想卖掉这房子

the boys 哥们
The cowboys in that movie are mostly nature boys. 那些电影里的牛仔是最有男人味的
As the boy is,so is the man. 三岁看老

It's your business to take of the kids. 你的责任是照顾孩子
What line of business are you in? 你从事哪一行?
go into business 从商
business hours 营业时间,办公时间
show biz 娱乐圈
Let's get down to business. 让我们言归正传。(Let's get to the point.)
have no business to do with me 和我无关(have nothing to do with me)
mind one's own business 别管闲事
go about one's business 忙自己的事情
go out of business 倒闭
Business is business. 公事公办
I mean business/it. 我是当真的  I don't mean it. 我不是故意的
It's none of your business. 不关你的事
He is away on business. 他出差了
I don't know how to run the business. 我不知道如何经商

sleeping/dining car 卧铺车厢/餐车 
carsick  晕车的
carfare  车费
car pooling 多人合用一辆车

Bill left everything to chance.  Bill总是听天由命/顺其自然(leave everhthing to chance)
This idea stands a chance of realization. 这个理想是有可能实现的(stand a chance of)
stand a good/slim/fat chance 可能性很大/很小/没有
chance meeting 邂逅  
take a chance 碰碰运气
chance child 私生子
chance of a life time 千载难逢的机会
Give me a chance. Not a chance!/Fat chance!  给我一个机会吧。 绝不可能!(没有机会!)
Is he from China by any chance? 他有可能是来自中国么?
Do you have a cell phone by chance? 你碰巧有手机么?
I would go and visit her every chance I got. 一旦有机会我就会去找她
Chance despenses life with unequal justice. 人生际遇难得平等

He is a child in financial matters. 他不善于理财
childlike 天真的 childish 幼稚的  childless 无子女的
wilful/well-behaved/gifted child 任性的/有礼貌的/有天赋的 孩子
the only/sole child 独生子
raise a child 抚养孩子
Child's play. 小菜一碟(No sweat.)

I set my alarm clock for 6:30. 我把闹钟定到6点半
This old car has clocked up another 50,000 kms. 这部老车已经行驶了5万公里了。(clock:计时,记录)
He clocked 10 seconds for the 100m. 他用10秒跑了100m(clock:速度上达到)
clock watcher 总看表盼着下班的人
put the clock right 把钟拨准 
turn back the clock 把钟拨慢  
set the clock ahead 把钟拨快
race work against the clock 争分夺秒  
fight the clock 抢时间
work around the clock 连轴转 
around the clock 夜以继日
clock in/out 上/下班打卡
Let's stay the clock, and enjoy ourselves. 让我们忘了时间,尽兴玩吧
He is trying to kill the clock. 为保持领先而拖延比赛
I'm gonna clean your clock. 我要揍你一顿

I don't feel at home in Alice's company. 和 Alice 待在一起我不自在
Tom keeps his own company. Tom 独来独往
This company laid off 200 hands. 这个公司解雇了200人
I'll keep your company. 我来陪你/我和你一起
a publishing company/house 出版社
part company with 断绝来往
be in company with sb/keep company with sb 和某人在一起
Jack doesn't enjoy the company of the opposite sex. Jack 不喜欢与异性作伴
John and Kate are keeping company. John 和 Kate 正在交往

movie buff 电影迷
buffet 自助餐
animated cartoon/animation 卡通片
documentary movie 纪录片
romance 爱情片
sci-fi movie 科幻片
horror/scary movie 恐怖片
thriller 惊悚片
nomination 提名
smash hit 巨大的成功,非常流行的东西
box office 票房

daybreak 拂晓
daylight 黎明
day/night shift 白班/夜班
payday  发薪日
day off  休息日
day in and day out 整日整夜
She was a really beauty in her day. 在鼎盛时期她很漂亮
Oh,you make my day. 哦,你很令我开心(make one's day)
dog days 三伏天
red-letter day 喜庆的日子
Let's call it a day. 我们今天就到这儿吧
those were the days 那是过去的好时光了
It's not sb's day. 真是某人倒霉的一天
You should save money for a rainy day. 你要未雨绸缪地存钱

You lucky/dirty dog! 你真是个幸运儿/无耻的人!
take a doggie bag (剩下的食物)打包
dog-eared 书翻旧而页角折卷的 dog-ears 书的折角
dog-tired 极度疲倦
dog paddle 狗刨(游泳)
dogfight 混战  cats fight 两个女人打架
a watch dog 看门狗
to lead a dog's life 过烦恼的日子
top dog  领军人物,胜利者
This is a case of dog eat dog. 这是一场残酷无情的斗争
rain cats and dogs 下瓢泼大雨
go to the dogs (某机构、组织)大不如前,衰落了
put on the dog 摆架子,摆排场
Love me, love my dog. 爱屋及乌
Every dog has his day. 每个人都有出头的那一天
You can not teach an old dog new tricks. 老人旧习难改
Let sleeping dogs lie. 别惹事生非

He has an eye for pictures. 他对绘画很有欣赏力
eyebrow  眉毛
eyelash  睫毛
eye-appealing 漂亮的
eye-catching 引人注目的
eye-opener 令人开眼界的事物
to get the eye 遭白眼
to catch one's eye 引人注目
to make eyes at sb/give sb the eye 挤眉弄眼,抛媚眼
in one's eye 在某人看来
to keep an eye on sb 留意某人
be all eyes/ears 目不转睛/洗耳恭听
to look sb in the eyes/look into one's eyes 直视某人
only have eye for sth 只对某事感兴趣
see eye to eye with sb 和某人看法一致
This is not for children's eyes. 儿童不宜

I've not touched food today. 我今天还没吃饭呢
health food 绿色食品
seafood  海鲜
instant noodle 方便面
cooked food 熟食
junk food 垃圾食品
Let's dine out tonight. 今晚我们下馆子吃吧

toe 脚趾头
instep 脚背  arch 脚弓
Achilles' heel 阿喀琉斯的脚跟
foot massage 足部按摩
Tom is 6 feet tall. 汤姆有六英尺高
footprint 脚印
Don't follow anybody's footsteps. 别总跟着别人的脚步(要有自己的创新)
to have two left feet 笨手笨脚(be all thumbs)
to stand on one's own feet 自力更生
set feet on the moon 到达月球
have a foot in both camps 脚踏两只船
have a foot in the door 初入行业
have both feet on the ground 脚踏实地
drag one's feet  拖延不走
get the cold feet 畏缩不前,紧张
C'mon,get your feet wet. 来吧,尝试一下(get sb's feet wet = try)
give sb the foot 踢某人

dude 哥们
buddy/pal 伙计
friendless 无依无靠的
close/bosom friend 知己
a faithful/devoted friend 忠实的朋友
a fair-weather friend 酒肉朋友(不能共患难)
What is a friend for? 朋友不就是应该这样么?
A good friend is my nearest relation. 良友如近亲
A friend is easier lost than found. 朋友易失不易得
A friend in need is a friend in deed. 患难见真情(A friend is best found in adversity.)
A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody. 广交友,无深交

Andy has a bright/promising future. Andy前途大好
a dark/bumpy future 前途黯淡/坎坷
futures 期货
in the near future 不久的将来
to look to the future 放眼未来
to have no future/have a dull future 没有前途
in future 以后
The future becomes the present if we fight for it. 只要肯奋斗,远景变现实

an office girl/lady 女职员
a cover girl 封面女郎
a fallen girl/angel 堕落的女子
to date a girl 和女孩子约会
to chase girls 泡妞
girl Friday 得力的女助手
call girl 应招女郎
party girl 热衷于聚会交际的女子
get a girl into trouble  令女子怀孕
She's gorgeous! 她非常漂亮端庄
Is it a girl? 是因为女孩子(和女孩子失恋而难过)么?

glasshouse 温室
glassware/hardware/houseware 玻璃器皿/五金/家庭用具
to fill up a glass 斟满杯子
to touch glasses 碰杯
Let's raise my galss to our host. 让我们为我们的主人干杯
Let's drain the glass to the bottom. 让我们一饮而尽(Bottoms up! 干杯)

There's a hair in my soup. 我的汤里有一根头发
I'm gonna wear long hair. 我要留长头发
haripin  发夹
hairstyle/hairdo 发型
hairdresser 美发师
to set/do one's hair 做头发
to brush/comb one's hair 梳头发
straight hair 直发
When I heard this,my hair stood on end. 当我听到这个,感到毛骨悚然
tear out one's hair 气恼,焦急
My son gets me grey hair. 我儿子让我发愁
I've been tearing my hair out over this math problem. 我为这个数学问题很发愁
hang by a hair  千钧一发
get in one's hair 给某人惹麻烦

the heart of the city 市中心
I want to argue with my boss,but I didn't have the heart. 我想和老板争论,但不敢
Your article doesn't touch on the heart of the subject. 你的文章没接触到问题的关键
Follow your heart. 跟着感觉走
from the bottom of one's heart 打心眼里
be after one's own heart 正合某人的意
have one's heart in one's mouth 令某人很紧张
Have a heart,officer. 发发善心吧,长官
My heart skips a beat when she kisses me. 当她吻我时候我的心几乎停止了跳动
What comes from the heart goes to the heart. 肺腑之言最感人

India is the home of tigers. 印度是老虎的产地
homely 相貌平平,家常的
homemaker 管家
home affairs 国内事务
home trade 国内贸易
to feel at home 无拘无束
a home bird 喜欢呆在家里的人
He's at home in American literature. 他精通美国文学
There's no place like home. 金窝银窝不如自己的家(East or west,home is best.)

The repair job will cost $300. 修理的工作将花费300美元
It's not my job to do this! 我没有责任做这个
jobless   失业者,失业的
job market  劳务市场
offer sb a job  给某人提供工作
to get a job offer  得到一份工作
permanent/temorary job 长期工作/临时工
a fat/tough job  美差/棘手的工作
to boss the job  指挥工作(He's very bossy.他总对别人指手画脚)
to quit one's job 辞职(resign)
make a bad/goog job for sth 把某事做坏/好
The pill did the job. 这药起了作用(The pill works.)

Is there life on Mars? 火星上有生物么?
We lead a happy life. 我们生活快乐
life jacket 救生衣(lifeboat 救生船,lifeguard 救生员)
lifetime 一生
lifesaver 救星
life-span 寿命
the time of one's life 特别高兴的时刻
to come to life  恢复生气,苏醒过来
Get a life Tom!  享受生活吧Tom(别老是学习了)
Not on your life. 千万不要
That's life. 没办法,生活就是这样
Where have you bean all my life? 怎么没能早点认识你呀?(相见恨晚)
Life is not all beer and skittles. 人生并非尽乐事

Man is mortal. 人都会死
man of business/moods/ideas 实业家/喜怒无常的人/足智多谋的人
man of the world 阅历丰富的人
man of taste/mark 有审美意识的人/知名人士
be one's own man 独立自主
He's a man of his word. 他是信守诺言的人
man and boy 从小到大
to be man enough to do sth 有足够的勇气去做某事

foreigh currency 外币
fake money 假币
moneybags 富翁
money-maker 赚大钱的人
bread winner 养家糊口的人
to marry the money 为了钱结婚(marry into money/marry sb for sb's money)
to throw one's money away 乱花钱
to put money into sth 投资某事物(to venture money on sth)
fun money 节省下来用于个人享受的钱
We're in the money! 我们发财了!
Money talks. 金钱万能(No money,no talks.)
Money makes the mare go. 有钱能使鬼推磨

She's got filve mouths to feed. 她要养活五个人
to pout(one's mouth) 撅嘴
mouth-watering 令人垂涎的
to make one's mouth water 使流口水
big mouth 话多的人
to bad mouth about each other 互相诋毁
zip one's mouth/keep one's mouth shut 保守秘密
open one's mouth wide/run off at the mouth 信口开河
live from hand to mouth 勉强糊口
all mouth and no action 光说不练
by word of mouth 口头上
Good medicine is bitter in the mouth. 良药苦口

We must know the laws of nature. 我们必须了解自然的规律
She has a gentle nature. 她性格温和
natural-born 天生的
ill-natured/good-natured 脾气坏的/天性善良的
answer the nature's call 上厕所
against nature 不合情理的

current/sensational/breaking news 时事/轰动一时的新闻/爆炸性的新闻
newsstand 报摊
to break the news to sb 把(不好的)消息透露给某人
Bad news travels fast. 坏事传千里

night dress 晚礼服
to stay the night/to stay over 留下来过夜
call it a night  今晚就干到这里吧
night owl/night person 夜猫子
Tom stayed up the whole night. 汤姆熬夜了
Night's still young! 时间还早呢!
night and day 夜以继日的

I feel a pain in my chest. 我胸口疼
His words eased my pain. 他的话让我的痛苦减轻了
No pain, no gain. 不劳无获
an off-and-on pain 断断续续的疼
painless 无痛的
painstaking 辛苦的
to relieve/ease/reduce pain 减轻痛苦
to remove/get rid of pain 解除痛苦
to stand/bear pain 忍受痛苦
to share pleasures and pains 同甘共苦
be at pains to do sth/spare no pains doing sth 努力做某事
I had forgotten you could be such a pain in the neck. 我都忘了你是一个如此讨厌的人(pain in the neck)
Are you in a lot of pain? 你现在很疼么?
Pain past is pleasure. 苦尽甘来

get-togeher n.聚会
party dress 宴会服装
dress up/down 正式打扮(晚装、燕尾服)/一般穿着
dance party 舞会
throw a surprise birthday party 办一个惊喜的生日聚会
year-end dinner party 年终聚餐
New Year's banquet 新年宴会
invitation card/letter of invitation 请帖

make peace with sb 和某人和好/和解
Little Tom is sleeping in peace. 小汤姆在很安静的睡觉
peacetime 和平时期
keep the peace 维护治安/和平
Do let me have a little peace. 让我安静一会儿吧
I gave him no peace until he agreed. 在他同意之前我没让他清静

You'd better go in person. 你最好亲自去。(in person)
a right-minded/narrow-minded/credible person 正直的/心胸狭窄的/可靠的人
a obnoxious/taklative/talented person 讨厌的/话多的/天资高的人
be no repecter of persons 一视同仁

I took a picture of my family. 我给我家人照了一张相
The park is a picture when the roses are in bloom. 玫瑰盛开的时候,这个公园就像一幅画。(美丽的事物)
to get the picture 明白
be in the picture 了解情况/受人注意
be out of the picture 不了解情况

hook up to the Internet/access Internet  上网
web-surfing 网上冲浪
Netizen  网民
broadband 宽带
cybercafe 网吧

Reading gives me great pleasure. 阅读给我很多乐趣
She has few pleasures left in life. 她生活中没多少高兴的事
be at one's pleasure 随意,随便
to take great pleasure in sth/doing sth 以某事/干某事为乐
Pleasure has a sting in its tail. 乐极生悲

Prices are rising. 价格在上涨
retail/wholesale price 零售价/批发价
This is our floor price. 这是最低价了
below-cost price 低于成本价
price war 价格战
sell at marked prices 明码标价
pay the price for 为所得付出代价
be at any price/cost 不惜一切代价
cheap at the price 物有所值
Roughly,how much is this ring? 这个戒指大概多少钱?(Give me a rough price. 给我一个大概的价格)
Give me a ball park price. 给我一个大概的价钱
Name your price! 你说个价吧
I'll give you my best price. 我给你最低价
The market price is 600 dollars. 市场价是600美金
The price varies according to the quality. 一分价钱一分货
Low prices and fine wares! 物美价廉
Everyone has his price. 每个人都有价值,都能以某种方式购买

day-by-day problem 日常问题
to present a problem 提出问题

Where does this road lead? 这条路通向哪里?
There is no royal road to learing. 没有学习的捷径
a dead-end road  死胡同,死路
a straight and easy road 阳关大道
a level/rough road 平坦/崎岖的道路
hit the road 上路出发
on the road 在路上奔波
All roads lead to Rome.  条条大路通罗马

leather/heeled/gym shoes 皮鞋/高跟鞋/运动鞋(sneaker)
brush up shoes/polish shoes 刷鞋\擦鞋
have a shoe in sth 在某行业中有一席之地
The fairest looking shoe may pinch the foot. 外表好看的东西未必实用

Don't tell stories,Tom! 别说谎了,Tom !
cut long story short 长话短说
Don't tell the same old story 不要老生常谈了
a tall story 难以置信的故事
It's a long story. 说来话长了

sugar coat 糖衣
sugar daddy 老色鬼

time-honored 历史悠久的
at one time 曾经
for the time being 暂时的
make good time  开快车,快速前进
be in time for sth 来得及干某事
the time is ripe 时机成熟了
time on one's hand 闲暇
nine times out of ten 几乎总是
take one's time  不着急
behind the times 过时,落后的
It's only a matter of time. 迟早会发生
He buys me flowers from time to time. 他时不时送花给我
Time and tide wait for no man. 岁月不等人
Other times,other names. 此一时,彼一时(三十年河东三十年河西)
There is no time like the present. 现在就是最好的时机了

It's just his way. 这就是他的习惯
wayward 任性的
make one's way 前进
force/push one's way 勉强前进
cut both ways 有利有弊
be set in one's say 固执
to get/have one's own way 为所欲为,随心所欲
in a way 在某种程度上
under way 正在进行
We went to America by way of HK. 我们经由香港到美国
Don't stand in my way. 别挡路
You are way out of line. 你太出格了(way做副词)

No word has come from David. David没有任何消息
a man of few words 沉默寡言
in a word 简而言之
eat one's word 不守诺言
May I have a word wity you? 我能和你谈谈么?


4+1 口语句型

初次见面(随便) Nice to meet you,Mrs.Johnson. Nice to see you,too. Plsase call me Sally.
  Melissa,this is my mom.  I'm Melissa. Nice to meet you,Mrs.Johnson.   
初次见面(正式) 应该把级别低的人介绍给级别高的人
  How do you do?I've heard a lot about you. How do you do?
熟人见面 Hi,Jenny.What's up?/How are you doing these days?/
  Long time no see!/Haven't seen you for ages!

介绍(随意) Let me introduce Linda to you. Have you met Linda?
介绍(正式) Allow me introduce Linda to you. I would like you to meet Linda.

寻找话题 寻找两个人都知道的话题
  Are you going to Toronto,too?/Are you here for English Class,too? 问句
  It's beautiful wedding,isn't it?/It's a long flight,isn't it? 反义疑问句

再见  See you./Have a good day.

主人见客 Welcome! David,we're so glad you could make it.

make it
 You work hard,you just keep on doing it,and you make a difference,and finally you will make it.


You are a dreamboat. 你是位(异性所追求的)理想人选

 You are such a dish. 你是个绝色美人

 I've been dying to meet you. 我非常非常想见到你

 Every time I see you, you leave me out in the cold. 每次我见到你,你都不睬我

 I only have eyes for you . 我只在意你

 I'd do anything to see you crack a smile. 为了博得你的一笑,我情愿做任何事

 You swept me off my feet. 你使我神魂颠倒

 You don't have a care in the world. 你不知人间烦恼为何物

 I'm still trying to get to second base with you. 我仍旧试着想和你发展到‘第二阶段’(在美国,first base 指拉手,接吻,second base 指抚摩等,third base 指做爱)

 If you don't want to lose me, you'd better lay it on the line. 如果你不想失去我,就最好一五一十地告诉我吧

 Tell me your story, I'm all ears. 告诉我你的故事,我洗耳恭听

 Someday, when your ship come in, you'll build your dream house. 总有一天,当你有钱时,你会建造你梦想的家

 I hope your idea takes wing. 我希望你的想法成真

 I wish that you would put your cards on the table. 我希望你干脆把话挑明

 Have you ever seen your old flame? 你还见过你的旧情人吗?

 If the shoe fits, wear it. 如果是真的就承认吧

 This experience will make me show my true color. 这种经历将使我暴露我的本性

 I have a bottomed-down mind. 我是个没有什么独到见解的人

 I have no direction, I just get wherever the wind blows. 我没有方向,只是随风到处飘

 I can't burn the candle at both ends forever. 我不能永远这么过分地消耗精力

 We could make beautiful music together. 我们也许会是和谐幸福的一对儿

 You are always trying to get my goat. 你总是想惹我发火

 I'm a man of my word. 我是个讲信用的人

 Someday you're going to have to face the music for your actions. 总有一天,你将不得不承担自己的行为所带来的后果

 Just cool your heels! 好了,安静会儿吧

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