Multi-Thread WebRequest : Timeout

Recently, I’m working on parse URLs, and then getting some useful info from those pages. It’s like a crawler. When I use the multi-thread to send a Web Request, I got a problem.

In test web, there are 4 links at index page. When I run my program, I can’t get all of them contents. Sometimes I can successed, but always not. In the fail state, I can get the first page right content; sometimes can get second page content. The error message is: timeout. The code is like following:

 1        private void Run()
11        private void PraseURL(object state)
20        private void DoSomeThing(HttpWebResponse response)

At the DoSomeThing () method, I get the page content and then call the service method to add the date to server. When I comment the UpLoadDataToService (), it run ok. I can get all of 4 pages contents rightly. I thought it may caused by the spending of upload data. So, I try to set the WebRequest timeout to longer, but the problem is still.

I don’t know where is wrong. Finally, I solve this problem like the following codes. It takes me much time.

1        private void PraseURL(object state)
2        {
3            string url = state as string;
4            HttpWebRequest request = CreateWebRequest(url);
5            HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();
6            ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkIte(DoSomeThing, response);
7            response.Close();
8        }

I don’t know what the difference between these is. So I google it. At last I got it. The reason is that: single-user client SHOULD NOT maintain more than 2 connections with any server or proxy.

Its means the default limit connection is 2. We can solve this problem by these:

       ServicePointManager.CheckCertificateRevocationList = true;
= 100;
U can more info. from

So when I call the service method it takes some seconds. The WebRequst can’t release quickly. When I create the third WebRequest, it’ll throw an error: timeout.


Let’s see what the difference between my two solutions above is right now. I put out some info to see what’s happen. I find that, if I use the  ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(DoSomeThing, response);

The response.Close (); will reached soon, needn’t waiting for DosomeThing () finished. There are no three WebRequest send request at the same times, so it will works ok, How Fun!

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