How to be a better geek +

How to be a better geek +


Thought I could learn something from it and worth blogging about it.

Conversations are a crucial channel to make non-geek friends.

Struggling with turn-taking

Geeks need to know half duplex talking interactions are happening synchronously. It’s interesting to see geeks are afraid of face-to-face talks, phone calls, but prefer IM, email, or text because the latter ones are asynchronous.

Obsessing over correctness and completeness

Blame the teachers and lessons we learned from incorrectness and incompleteness.

Preferring exact numerical responses

This one is easy, compile your figures before speaking for better human comprehension.

Using technical terms without checking for understanding

This is needed for zhuangbility

Focusing on the how rather than the what or the why

Think of IO, others might only interested in the output, results other than the internal process.

Favoring complexity and detail over simplicity in descriptions

Think of Occam’s Razor. In fact, you worked hard to make something marvelous, but others doesn’t really care or have little use with it. Your time & effort might be worthless to others. So speak to someone who really care or just simplify your ideas to make it most acceptable by everyone. Which means

Summary: marketing and advertising is more important than a blueprint or a manual. If you suck at human-to-human or human-to-earth interface you fail.

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