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Understanding Linux Network Internals (0)


决定再翻译一本书!Understanding Linux Network Internals

和前一本Effective C#一样,本人的翻译主要是为了学习,并不提供精准、优雅的翻译,请见谅。希望和以前一样,能和大家一起学习进步!一些明显的笔误,或者打字错误,有兴趣的读者可以指出来。表示感谢,我会尽可能的修正。



If you've ever wondered how Linux carries out the complicated tasks to it assigned by the IP protocols -- or if you just want to learn about modern networking through real-life examples -- Understanding Linux Network Internals is for you.


Like the popular O'Reilly book, Understanding the Linux Kernel, this book clearly explains the underlying concepts and teaches you how to follow the actual C code that implements it. Although some background in the TCP/IP protocols is helpful, you can learn a great deal from this text about the protocols themselves and their uses. And if you already have a base knowledge of C, you can use the book's code walkthroughs to figure out exactly what this sophisticated part of the Linux kernel is doing.


Part of the difficulty in understanding networks -- and implementing them -- is that the tasks are broken up and performed at many different times by different pieces of code. One of the strengths of this book is to integrate the pieces and reveal the relationships between far-flung functions and data structures. Understanding Linux Network Internals is both a big-picture discussion and a no-nonsense guide to the details of Linux networking. Topics include:


  • Key problems with networking 网络的关键难题

  • Network interface card (NIC) device drivers NIC设备驱动
  • System initialization 系统初始化

  • Layer 2 (link-layer) tasks and implementation 二层业务的实现

  • Layer 3 (IPv4) tasks and implementation 三层业务的实现(IPv4)

  • Neighbor infrastructure and protocols (ARP) 伙伴关系的基础和协议(ARP) (注:这里暂时译为伙伴关系,因为我不清楚这里是什么,记得Linux里有一个伙伴关系,不知道是不是这个,所以暂时认为是这个)

  • Bridging 网桥

  • Routing 路由

  • ICMP

Author Christian Benvenuti, an operating system designer specializing in networking, explains much more than how Linux code works. He shows the purposes of major networking features and the trade-offs involved in choosing one solution over another. A large number of flowcharts and other diagrams enhance the book's understandability.

作者:Christian Benvenuti,是一位专长于网络方面的操作系统设计师,详解过许多关于Linux代码是如何工作的。他为我们展示了一些主要的网络特性的(设计)意图,以及(其中)一个方案与另一个方案的权衡。大量的流程程和图表,让本书非常的易于理解。

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