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自动化 Web 程序测试工具_1

自动化 Web 程序测试工具_2

Web 程序压力测试工具

Open Source Software protection system - Part 1

Open source software protection - Part 2

通过 ProgID 或 GUID 获得 COM 组件的位置以及其他信息的工具

Network Sniffer (C++)

TOOL (Tiny Object Oriented Language) 一个简单的面向对象的,类似 C++ 的语言解释器。

Shell Extensions for .NET Assemblies
Shell extensions to distinguish between .NET assemblies and Win32 applications and libraries

Style Inspector (C++)
用于检查网页上对象的 style

提取 CD/DVD 的启动镜像信息

文件比较工具 (C++)

VC++7 -> VC++6 项目文件转换工具

CodePlotter 1.6 - Add and edit diagrams in your code with this 'Visio-like' tool
(A Visual Studio addin for creating and editing ASCII diagrams in source files)

CodePlotter Remoded 1.6 - A standalone version for VC6, .NET, Delphi, C++ Builder and VB coders
(A 'Visio-like' tool for adding and editing ascii diagrams in your source code)

ToDoList 4.4 Beta 1 - A simple and effective way to keep on top of your programming tasks

XSL / XSLT Composer
用于创建测试的 XSL 的工具

.NET Namespace Toolbar

Turing Machine (C++ Implementation)
13 Nov 2002 Advanced
The C++-program simulates a Turing Machine (TM). TM is defined by input files : metafile, states file, alphabet file, transition file, input word(s) file(s).  Alex Vinokur 2.13

JavaScript 正则表达式测试程序

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