1. Scoop简介与安装

2. Scoop 基本命令简介

2.1. 所有可用指令

scoop help


alias       Manage scoop aliases
bucket      Manage Scoop buckets
cache       Show or clear the download cache
checkup     Check for potential problems
cleanup     Cleanup apps by removing old versions
config      Get or set configuration values
create      Create a custom app manifest
depends     List dependencies for an app
export      Exports (an importable) list of installed apps
help        Show help for a command
hold        Hold an app to disable updates
home        Opens the app homepage
info        Display information about an app
install     Install apps
list        List installed apps
prefix      Returns the path to the specified app
reset       Reset an app to resolve conflicts
search      Search available apps
status      Show status and check for new app versions
unhold      Unhold an app to enable updates
uninstall   Uninstall an app
update      Update apps, or Scoop itself
virustotal  Look for app's hash on
which       Locate a shim/executable (similar to 'which' on Linux)

2.2. 设置代理(本地1080端口)

scoop config proxy

2.3. 软件仓库相关指令

scoop bucket add|list|known|rm [<args>]
  • add [<args>] 表示添加 <args> 仓库
  • list 表示列出当前已添加的仓库
  • known 表示列出所有可用仓库(包括已添加和未添加的仓库)
  • rm [<args>] 表示删除 <args> 仓库

2.4. 软件安装/卸载/查找/升级/列出/查看更新状态相关指令

scoop install|uninstall|search|update|list|status [<args>]
  • install [<args>] 表示安装软件(全字匹配)
  • uninstall [<args>] 表示卸载软件(全字匹配)
  • search [<args>] 表示查找软件
  • update [<args>] 表示升级某个软件,若 [<args>] 为空则更新Scoop本身,若 [<args>] 为某一软件名则更新该软件,若 [<args>]* 则更新所有软件
  • list 列出当前已安装的软件
  • status 检查更新,若有更新则会列出软件包名称及版本号

3. 首次使用/初始化操作

3.1. 配置代理

scoop config proxy

3.2. 添加 extras 软件源

scoop bucket add extras

3.3. 安装aria2

scoop install aria2

4. 再次使用/非初次 软件安装流程

4.1. 搜索软件名称,确定准确且完整的软件名

scoop search [<args>]

4.2. 安装该软件

scoop install [<args>]

4.3. 若安装失败,需卸载后重新安装

scoop uninstall [<args>]
scoop install [<args>]

4.4. 安装软件时,如果碰到校验错误,请打开提示网址提交issues

4.5. 检查更新

scoop status
scoop update [<args>]
scoop update *

5. 附本人现在使用Scoop管理的软件包

  7zip 19.00
  aria2 1.35.0-1
  calibre-normal 4.13.0 [extras]
  Cascadia-Code 1911.21 [nerd-fonts]
  ctags 5.8
  dark 3.11.2
  diskgenius [extras] 12.9.3 [extras]
  everything [extras]
  fritzing 0.9.3b [extras]
  gcc-arm-none-eabi 9-2019-q4-major [extras]
  geekuninstaller [extras]
  googlechrome 80.0.3987.149 [extras]
  inkscape 0.92.4 [extras]
  innounp 0.49
  iverilog 11-20190809
  kicad 5.1.5_3 [extras]
  lessmsi 1.6.91
  listen1desktop 2.5.1 [extras]
  mobaxterm 20.1 [extras]
  nodejs-lts 12.16.1 4.2.10 [extras]
  potplayer 200317 [extras]
  python 3.8.2
  rufus 3.9 [extras]
  shadowsocksr-csharp 4.9.2 [extras]
  typora 0.9.86 [extras]
  vim 8.2
  vnote 2.9 [extras]
  winfetch 1.2.0 [extras]
  winscp 5.17.2 [extras]
  wox 1.3.524 [extras]
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