bzoj 1000 A+B Problem (And also my first experience of Emacs)


This is my first code under Emacs!

using namespace std;
int a,b;
int main()
  return 0;
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I think I have to write down how to write such a code as soon as possible in case that I forget how to use it again.

(Previous explaination:Because the failure of install sogoupinyin, I have to write this blog in English......)

Let's begin.

First, you need to install Linux in your computer which has a previous system(Win 7).

  After download Linux from the web of NOI,you have two choice.

  First, you can install Daemon tool to unzip the iso, then click "wubi.exe". By this you can get a twin-system.

  But I failed in this way.It stopped and I don't know how to exit it. Every time I exit by running out the power of my think pad.(Is this bad for think pad?)

  Then I download a Virtual Machine, VMware.

  At first I installed VM14. But it can't run(maybe because it's too advanced). After searching I installed VM 12.(workstation pro)

But there is still a problem. Seems like we need to allow the VT-X to support the Virtual Machine.

  You can push F2 at the time of turn on the computer. Remember push it as early as possible, ans push it continuously to make sure not to miss the time.

  Then turn to the "Security" or something.You can find the "virtual......", then change it from "enabled" to "abled".

  Oh! Now we can use the VMware! Use it to open the iso. Then what? I can't remember. After something we can run the Ubuntu!

The first thing you need to do is to change a desktop pictrue.

  Press left-up corner, the "system tools", the "first-select part"(Oh,it's just my translate.Don't mind it too much......), then you find the "outlook"!

How to install emacs?

  Open the terminal.By Ctrl+Alt+T or in the left-up corner, the "attachment", you can see the "terminal".

  Insert "sudo apt-get install emacs".Then it tells you to insert the password.Don't worry, it's just your password to open the system.Origin of 123456.

  It isn't visible when you insert the password. Just insert them and then press "return".

  Oh! Now we sucssfully installed the Emacs!!!

How to start emacs?

  Open the terminal. Insert "emacs". Then the emacs has been opened!

First you can read the introduction. It is the first blue one. Make your cursor there then press "return".

Yes, it's in chinese! Then you can read it.

After reading it, I feel like had known a lot. But I still don't know how to write a program.

What you need is this!

I do exactly following it. Then I wrote out my first code under emacs successfully!

Oh,how to copy it?

  Yeah, just by ctrl+space to choose and by Alt+w to copy.(Maybe it has been introduced in that introduction?)

So I can be accepted by bzoj in problem 1000.

All of this is just a beginning.

Something to study: (But this is not something.) (And this is truly something looks advanced and great!)

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