Isolation-based Anomaly Detection

摘要:Anomalies are data points that are few and different. As a result of these properties, we show that, anomalies are susceptible to a mechanism called i 阅读全文

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Learning Bayesian Network Classifiers by Maximizing Conditional Likelihood

摘要:Abstract Bayesian networks are a powerful probabilistic representation, and their use for classification has received considerable attention. However, 阅读全文

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Pegasos: Primal Estimated sub-GrAdient Solver for SVM

摘要:Abstract We describe and analyze a simple and effective iterative algorithm for solving the optimization problem cast by Support Vector Machines (SVM) 阅读全文

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Theoretical comparison between the Gini Index and Information Gain criteria

摘要:Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) is an active and important research area with the promise for a high payoff in many business and scientific app 阅读全文

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Large Margin DAGs for Multiclass Classification

摘要:Abstract We present a new learning architecture: the Decision Directed Acyclic Graph (DDAG), which is used to combine many two-class classifiers into 阅读全文

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Exploratory Undersampling for Class-Imbalance Learning

摘要:Abstract - Undersampling is a popular method in dealing with class-imbalance problems, which uses only a subset of the majority class and thus is very 阅读全文

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Dynamic Programming

摘要:We began our study of algorithmic techniques with greedy algorithms, which in some sense form the most natural approach to algorithm design. Faced wit 阅读全文

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Learning in Two-Player Matrix Games

摘要:3.2 Nash Equilibria in Two-Player Matrix Games For a two-player matrix game, we can set up a matrix with each element containing a reward for each joi 阅读全文

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IELTS - Word List 28

摘要:1, The lawsuit is very much o the lawyer's mind. 2, The canteen was absolutely packed. 3, Doctors diagnose before they prescribe a drug. 4, Not only d 阅读全文

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A Brief Review of Supervised Learning

摘要:There are a number of algorithms that are typically used for system identification, adaptive control, adaptive signal processing, and machine learning 阅读全文

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