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世界上唯有两样东西能使我们的心灵受到深深的震撼,一是我们头顶上璀灿的星空,另一个便是人们内心深处的道德法则。 -- 康德

当你在这个行业做了几年,有了一些积累以后,你也许会希望寻求新的发展空间,来到一个新的公司(或者同一个公司的不同部门)。你迫切希望向新的同事们展现你的知识、经验以及领导能力,但却向下面这个例子中的家伙一样处处碰壁,为什么?让我们先看看这个New Guy先生的心声吧。

I recently took a new software development job, and I've been experiencing a lot of ill will from coworkers and peers. It's really been killing my job satisfaction.

To explain, I was recently brought in to help a software team get a product out the door, with a mandate of helping with some web app code. I've been trying my best to integrate with the team, trying to earn some credibility and respect by making myself useful.

I've been forwarding various Joel On Software essays to All, recommending that the office stock up on Code Complete, Peopleware, and the Mythical Man Month, and I make an effort to point out everything I believe could be done better. I regularly browse through the source repository to find ways that other members could be working better.

When other developers ask for my help, I try to maximize my input by broadening my assistance to cover the way they're developing, how they could improve their typing form, what naming standard they use, to advocate a better code editing tool, and to give my educated final word regarding the whole stored procedure/dynamic SQL debate.

Despite all of this, I keep facing resistance, and I don't think the team likes me very much. Many of my suggestions aren't adopted, and several people have replied with what I suspect is thinly veiled sarcasm.

What's going wrong?

Are these developers just afraid of change? Are they so stuck in their ways? Do they simply LIKE doing things the wrong way?

Yours truly,
The New Guy



很明显,这个New Guy陷入了一种很尴尬的境地,如何改善,如何建立自己在团队中的领导力?yafla给出了这样一些建议:

  • 要谦虚
  • 要注意工作方式
  • 做出成绩
  • 不要过于迷信自己的经验


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