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handling popup window in Watir

Handling popup window in testing browser based applications is always an annoying problem. Watir provides a good solution for this, here is what I learned from the Watir mail list and share it here to everyone else.

You will need newest Watir (build late than to do it.

Here is the ruby scripts to handle popup windows:  

require 'watir'   # the controller
require 'watir\contrib\enabled_popup'
include Watir

#test::unit includes
require 'test/unit'

class TC_dimensionnet_login < Test::Unit::TestCase

  def test_window_popup
    testSite = "http://localhost/test.htm"
    $ie =
    startClicker("OK", 5)
  # function click buttons on a popup window
  def startClicker( button , waitTime=9, user_input=nil )

     hwnd = $ie.enabled_popup(waitTime)  # get a handle if one exists
     if (hwnd)  # yes there is a popup
     puts hwnd
       w =

       if ( user_input )
         w.setTextValueForFileNameField( hwnd, "#{user_input}" )

       sleep 3  # I put this in to see the text being input it is not necessary to work
       w.clickWindowsButton_hwnd( hwnd, "#{button}" )  # "OK" or whatever the name on the button is
       w=nil    # this is just cleanup



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