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.NET 3.0和Vista刚刚发布不久,不过微软的脚步并没有因此放慢,为了让更多的开发人员能够使用更好的IDE给新的系统和框架开发软件,微软也在加紧下一个版本VS.NET,代号为Orcas的开发工作。这里列出一些Orcas的新特性,其中第一个我认为最有使用价值。

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Here is a list of some of the new feature we will see in the next version of Visual Studio with the code name “Orcas”: 

  • Multiversioning, we can create project target different version of the framework, for example 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5. The IDE and controls etc will be limited to the kind of feature we select.
  • Edit & Continue in web projects
  • Much better WYSIWYG
    • Better manipulation of CSS
    • In design view we can see anchoring lines like in Windows Forms today based on the styles on controls etc.
    • Make editing of server controls
      • Rendering and styles for controls will be more transparent (make it easier to control the markup)
    • New design surface called “Sapphire”
    • CSS property window
    • Nested masterpage support in the design view
    • Splitview, to both see the code and design in different windows at the same time.
  • New ListView control (is a new DataList with better markup support)
  • LinqToSqlDataSource (The name is not set yet), will make it easy for developer to use LINQ to get data and bind the data to a data-source control.


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