Chinese New Year’s Eve of 2012

Chinese New Year’s Eve of 2012 is a little bit special as this is first eve I spent on Singapore.  Yesterday, it is very exciting and happy to get 14 chinese students have a reunion dinner and watch “Spring Festival Gala” together. Compare with study in China, study in NTU is busy and competitive but as for chinese, we must spend our traditional holidays ^_^.



I have lived in the city country for around a half of year. During the time, I don’t write a blog to record or even comment my current life. I think it is very bad way to live the life and I should change it. Therefoe, we decide to make a short summarization of my 2011.

At 1:50 PM ,Jan 17 2011, Yabin and I landed in Singapore Changi Airport,which is definitely the best airport I have ever seen, Modern,Luxury ancozy.


Then, one former classmate in the colledge took us and went to a hostel named “One Beary Good Hostel”. This hostel is youth hostel and located in a very small street named “Pagoda” in Chinatown so that Taxi driver costed him a half hour to find it. Beary Good Hostel is also mini and converted from a old apartment. But its decoration is cute and cartoon. On this night, I find it is difficult to get asleep because the room is a little bit noisy and the room is shared with 10 travellers, which from various countries such as UK, Vietnam,German, Japan. Living in an unfamilar country make me feel lonely, uncomfortable. Fortunately, Yabin is here along with me.


The next day, We met our future roomates:Wen Tao and Hongju and they are nice and vibrant. both of them are fresh graduates of 2011. Before moving to Student Hostel, we together visited some famous places such as Chinatown, Clarke Quay, and of course, Nanyang Technological University, the school that gave me admission.

After moving to Student Hostel, we started to buy some second-handed furnitures and open brodband as this apartment we rent is unfurnished style in order to save $$$微笑. Now I still remember that on first night in Student Hostel, Yabin, I and Hongju went out to buy beds and mattress, finally,we did’t find cheap beds and only bought mattress. Fortunately, at least we were able to sleep on that night by mattress.

After furnitures is prepared and registration, we started to get into NTU’s busy study and be a post gradudate student.

After around 6-month-study, I have the first Chinese New Year’s Eve I spent on Singapore with so many friends I met in NTU.


In the next blog, I will introduce my programme “Communication Software & Networks” and discuss some differences of Higher Education between Singapore and Mainland of China.

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