what's new in CCF 2009

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1 Enhancement & Improvements
This section contains information about major improvements and new features that have been added since the previous release of Customer Care Framework 2008 QFE.
1.1 CCF Studio
A new suite of tools is included in CCF 2009. CCF Studio is an add-in module for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and later, and is installed by the main CCF installer as part of the set of tools for the development environment and plugs into Visual Studio. The components include: Multichannel Engine software factory Distributed Connectivity Services software factory Hosted Application Toolkit software factory
1.2 HAT
The Hosted Application Toolkit (HAT) leverages Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and an extensible UI integration framework through Application Integration Framework (AIF) to provide application automation for CCF. For CCF 2009, HAT supports integration of Java Applications as well as Windows and Web applications. The new version of HAT also includes a new development feature Application Inspector – This is part of the software factory plug in. If you are hosting an application in CCF, you can open it in CCF Studio and the Application Inspector will give the information and data about each of the application’s controls as a set of pre-formatted xml. Hover over the controls to select them.
1.3 MCE
The Multichannel Engine (MCE) is a UI framework targeted at UI development for large enterprise applications where multiple delivery channels are necessary and reuse of code across multiple functionalities and across channels is paramount. MCE works with any .NET environment.
1.4 DCS
Distributed Connectivity Services (DCS) is a middleware infrastructure that consists of a set of core services that provide support for every business application via dynamic service discovery, policy management, message routing, and end to end (E2E) security.
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1.5 Platforms
In addition to the platform support provided by CCF 2008, support for these additional platforms is provided by CCF 2009: .NET Framework version 3.5 Visual Studio 2008 Windows Server 2008 for CCF server components 64 bit support for X64 CCF servers XP Tablet support for Integrated Agent Desktop MMC 3.0 support for CCF Admin Console System Center Operation Manager 2007 for management System Center Configuration Manager 2007 for deployment