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CoffeeScript (GitHub repo) 是一个使用纯Ruby编写的新编程语言,创建者 Jeremy Ashkenas戏称它是- JavaScript的不那么铺张(买弄)的小兄弟。因为CoffeeScript会将Ruby编译成JavaScript,而且大部分结构都相似,但不同的是,CoffeeScript拥有更严格的语法。


引入JavaScript虚拟机的语言:CoffeeScript 1.0、StratifiedJS、利用C/C++的Emscripten和Python



Dart is a class-based, object-oriented language with lexical scoping, closures, and optional static typing. Dart addresses issues with current web programming languages and is easy to learn for a wide range of developers.

JavaScript has been around for seventeen years. When it was first introduced, there was no Web 2.0, no Ajax, no CSS, and very little client-side interactivity at all. When JavaScript first came out, the primary use case was validating client-side forms with alert boxes!
Over the next seventeen years, JavaScript the language has evolved from a proprietary language owned and slowly developed by Netscape Communications to a web standard that regularly adds new features. But as fast as a committee can add new features to the standard, the Web evolves infinitely faster.
And then along came Dart. Dart asks, given what we know about the Web today, how might we build JavaScript from scratch? How can it load and run as fast as possible? How can we write it so that we can easily define and load external libraries?
How can we make it easy for developers to write beautiful code?
If Dart is the answer to those many questions (and I will try to make the case  that it is), then Dart is quite possibly the most exciting technology to come our way in a very long time.




Node.js是一套用来编写高性能网络服务器的JavaScript工具包,一系列的变化由此开始。比较独特的是,Node.js会假设你是在POSIX环境下运行它Linux 或 Mac OS X。如果你是在Windows下,那就需要安装MinGW以获得一个仿POSIX的环境。在Node中,Http是首要的。Node为创建http服务器作了优化,所以你在网上看到的大部分示例和库都是集中在web上(http框架、模板库等)。

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